History of Green Bay Hockey

and the Bobcats, Green Bay's first Professional Hockey Team

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Build a new ice rink:

Brown County Arena Dedicated Nov 11, 1958
BrownCountyArenaDedNov1958.jpg (95339 bytes)

Get it ready:

BrownCountyArenaReadyNov1958.jpg (128892 bytes)

And add a Coach:
  BukovichTonyCoachGrBaySept1958.jpg (99965 bytes)

Build a team:
Green Bay Bobcats, the first professional hockey team in Green Bay, Wisconsin, featured Copper Country hockey greats, Coach Tony Bukovich and his son, Tony Jr., and "Kenner" Ruohonen in their first year and a number of other Copper Country players in the following years.

A brief history of Green Bay hockey as written in the Dec 20, 1958 game program is featured below:

Bobcat Logo
from 1958 Jersey

Green Bay Hockey History
Page 1
from Dec 1958 program
GrBayHockeyHistoryDec1958p1.jpg (254178 bytes)

Green Bay Hockey History
Page 2
from Dec 1958 program
GrBayHockeyHistoryDec1958p2.jpg (263821 bytes)

1st Bobcat Coach
Tony Bukovich
from Dec 1958 program

Tony Bukovich bio 20 Dec 1958 program.jpg (130705 bytes)

Bobcat game tickets
Dec 1958

GrBayBobcatsTicketsDec1958.jpg (177136 bytes)

Bobcat Player Bios
Dec 1958
Green Bay Bobcats bio 20 Dec 1958 program.jpg (285006 bytes)

Featuring Cliff Butler, Dick Dougherty, Tom Tochterman, Tony Bukovich Jr, Roger Maki, Andy Ciorcia, Bob Bercel, Dick Dier, Tom Neveau, Mike Horn, Bill Dickenson, Ken Ruohonen, Joe Bochenni or Bocchini, Ron Katalin, Penny Dittman.

Bobcats Directors
Bobcat directors Dec1958.jpg (183314 bytes)

page from Dec 1958
game program

Bobcats program page Dec1958.jpg (266965 bytes)

Bobcats cartoon 1958 game program

Bobcat cartoon Dec1958 Program.jpg (271607 bytes)

Bobcats 1958
Away Schedule

Bobcat_away_schedule_and_rink_Dec1958_program.jpg (195625 bytes)

Bobcats 1958
Home Schedule

GreenBay Bobcats homeschedule 20dec1958 program.jpg (166036 bytes)

Green Bay Bobettes Dec 1958

GrBay Bobettes Dec1958.jpg (286923 bytes)

Bobcats Team 1958-59

Bobcats team pic.jpg (71083 bytes)

Bobcats vs Nationals
Dec 1958

Bobcats VS Nationals1958.jpg (121439 bytes)

Green Bay Bobcats
Playoff Champs, Gibson Cup Winners
GreenBay Bobcats team abt1958.jpg (188813 bytes)
Top Row L-R: Pres, A.S. (Red) Paynter, Secr James Manci, Cliff Butler, Bill Lindstrom, Bob DeGrio, Tom Neveau, John Mayasich, Mike Horn, Dick Dougherty, Treasurer George Farah, Coach Tony Bukovich.
Seated L-R: Jackie Poole, Bill Taylor, Jack Hoppe, Tom Tochterman, Ron Katalin, Ken Ruohonen.
Front L-R: Bob Bercel, Dick Dier, Joe Bocchini.
Regular Season Record: 28-14-1
1959 Program
Bobcats1959programs.jpg (105369 bytes)
Mid-America Hockey League
Final Standings
BobcatsLeagueFinalStanding58-59_s.jpg (85802 bytes)
Bobcats: 16W, 7L, 1-T
Bobcats vs St Paul Steers 1963 program.jpg (214491 bytes)
1963 program cover features Ken Ruohonen
Bobcats 1963-64 Team

GreenBay Bobcats 1963-64 team.jpg (137225 bytes)

Bobcats win 1965 Senior Nationals!

Bobcats win 1965 Senior Nationals press.jpg (206850 bytes)


Ken Ruohonen accepts Trophy

RuohonenAcceptsTrophy.jpg (53674 bytes)
Ken Ruohonen vs
Barry Cook of
Marquette Iron Rangers

Barry Cook & Ken Ruohonen.jpg (165385 bytes)

Bobcats with Trophies
GreenBay Bobcats with trophy.jpg (150578 bytes)
Lt to Rt: Ron Katalin, Bob DeGrio, Cliff Butler, Jack Hoppe, Bill Taylor,  Ken Ruohonen.
Wisconsin Senior State Tourney 
"Fond du Lac Bears" 1965-66 Bobcat team with Rangers.jpg (218512 bytes)
A pickup team including some Bobcat players:
Top Row L-R: Dick Dier, ?, Fuzzy Frenette, ?,?,?, Ken Ruohonen, ?.
Sitting L-R: ?,?, Norwegian Oysten Mellerude -Goalie, Bob Rompre, ?,?.
Bobcats vs Chicago Blackhawks
Ken Ruohonen_VS_BobbyHull_PierrePilote_Doug Jarrett s.jpg (129527 bytes)
Ken Ruohonen top right
 Bobby Hull "A"
& Pierre Pilote #3
& Doug Jarrett #20
& Glenn Hall #1
This was an exhibition game to encourage Pro hockey in Green Bay:
The Bobcats scored first, but went on to loose 1-11
Green Bay Bobcats vs Chicago Blackhawks
(Stanley Cup Champs same season)
Bobcats: Tony Bukovich Jr, John Mayasich, Fuzzy Frenette
Chicago: Lou Angotti (MTU)

This was an exhibition game to encourage Pro hockey in Green Bay:

Ken Ruohonen
RuohonenBobcat.jpg (236336 bytes)

Game stats for Green Bay Bobcats from 1958-71:

Mike & Paul Coppo

Player Stats for Green Bay Bobcats from 1958-71:

1971 Gerard Frenette "Fuzzy"

Green Bay Bobcats
USHL Champions


John Mayasich, USA

Born May 22, 1933 in Eveleth, Minnesota, USA. Defenseman, forward. Played in total of seven International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship tournaments. He represented his country in 1956, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1966 and 1969 winning one silver in 1956 and one gold medal in 1960 at the Olympic Winter Games and one IIHF bronze medal in 1962. Playing defenseman in Squaw Valley for the U.S. 1960 Olympic team, his slap shot goal against Don Head at the opening game in the medal round proved to be the winning goal versus Canada on the way to the Olympic gold. John Mayasich was named All American three times during his college ice hockey career in 1953, 1954 and 1955. Declining professional ice hockey opportunities, Mayasich devoted his remaining ice hockey career to the amateur Green Bay Bobcats for 12 seasons. John Mayasich then worked for KSTP Radio-TV in Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota.

Inducted into players' category of the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame in Zurich, Switzerland in 1997.


Green Bay vs USSR Moscow Stars
#9 Darryl Winnechuk, #2 Gerard Frenette "Fuzzy" (next to goalie, #6 Tom Neveau
what year? 1969?


In 1978, this team became a Junior A team.

Bobcats last season was in 1981.

The Green Bay USHL team is now
the Green Bay Gamblers
altho they keep the Bobcat logo on their jerseys.

 Donald Clark (according to Clark's obit):
In 1959-1960, Donald Clark managed the Green Bay Bobcats.
In 1947, Donald Clark, with Robert Ridder and Everett "Buck" Riley, founded the Minnesota Amateur Hockey Association. He served as an officer of that organization through 1988; as president, secretary-treasurer and registrar. Between 1947 and 1998, the number of registered teams grew from 45 to nearly 4,000, and the number of indoor Minnesota ice arenas increased from 13 to more than 220. In 1952, Clark organized a statewide Bantam tournament for youth hockey in Minnesota, the first such event in the nation. Clark was the manager of the 1958 U.S. National hockey team, the first United States sports team ever to visit the Soviet Union. And, in 1959-60, he managed the Green Bay Bobcats to the championship of the U.S. Hockey League. From 1958 to 1978, he served as vice president of the Amateur Hockey Association of the United States and for many years was a member of the U.S. Olympic Hockey committee. Until the time of his death, Clark remained active in hockey as director emeritus of AHAUS and the Minnesota Amateur Hockey Association.  For several years after its inception in 1973, Clark served as president of the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth, and with his knowledge of hockey history and memorabilia provided substantially to its foundation. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1978.  Among his many honors was the prestigious National Hockey League Lester Patrick Award. In recent years, he was presented with the Heritage Award of the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame and the Maroosh Award by the Minnesota North Stars. In 1996, he was honored by the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association.  Clark gained national recognition as a hockey historian and was a contributor to the Encyclopedia Britannica on the history of international hockey. He also provided information and photographs and contributed articles to numerous publications.

According to Murray Williamson, "In 1969 the AHAUS designated John Mayasich's Green Bay Bobcats of the USHL to represent the United States in the World Championships in Stockholm, Sweden. The team lost all 10 games, were outscored 74 to 16 and the USA team was relegated to the "B" group tournament for the 1970 World Championship for the first time."

Reunion: The Green Bay Bobcats had a Runion November 2006 and invited all former members and friends they could find to their reunion:

The dates for the Green Bay Bobcat Reunion (during the GrBay Gamblers game) is
Fri 11/3/06 & Sat 11/4/06. The 2 games will be played in the Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena (where the Bobcats used to play) and the weekend series will be against the Waterloo Blackhawks.
Steve Mailhiot
Director of Operations/Green Bay Gamblers Hockey Club


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