Gundlach Hockey Teams
from Houghton County, Michigan


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These teams were All Star teams usually picked towards the end of each season for travel tournament play.
Sponsored by Gundlach Contractors

Copper Country Bantam
All Stars to Detroit
L-G_AllStars_1956maybes.jpg (94560 bytes)
Top Row L-R: R Banfield, Paul Coppo -Coach, W Fournier, R O'Brien, M Coppo, Earl Gorman -Coach & Mgr.
Middle Row L-R: M Gorman, R Mikkola, R Sibilsky, D McCullough, G Wenberg, A Wuorinen. D Banfield, B Riutta, J Townsend.
Kneeling L-R: William Bingham, R Mikesch, Richard Richards.
Absent from Photo A Wiitanen.

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Copper Country Bantams
Win States and Nationals!
BantamsWinNationals1955-56s.jpg (186640 bytes)

Goalies Bill Bingham & Dick Richards.
Red Wings Autographs
Gundlach Bantams
GundlachBantams1957-58s.jpg (78878 bytes)
Coach Earl Gorman & Al Brey.
Standing L-R: Gary Houle, Bill Heinonen, Jim Huivonen, Mike Gorman, Gary Brey, -?, Wally Wiitanen, David Monticello.
Seated L-R: George Houle, Stanley Olson, Jim Hebner, Jack Colombe, David Hermanson, J. Butkonen.

Photo courtesy of George Houle.
Gundlach Bantams
State & National Champs!
GundlachBantamChampions1950s_s.jpg (146269 bytes)

Standing L-R: Alfred Brey -Coach, Allen Stone, Joseph LaBissoniere, David Hermanson, William Heinonen, Roger Smith, John Starika, Fred Zerbst -Mgr.
Seated L-R: Paul Heinonen, Bill Downey, Jim Hebner, Bob Treglowne, Paul Masini, Dave Witting.
Missing from photo: John Baima, Terry Sintkowski.

Photo from the Chassell Smelt Jamboree book

Gundlach Bantams
Upper Peninsula Champs!
GundlachBantams1959-60UPChamps_s.jpg (109090 bytes)
Standing L-R: William Heinonen -Capt, Mike LaBissoniere, Wally Wiitanen -Capt., Clyde Smith, Fred Zerbst -Mgr, Jim Wade, John Starika, David Witting, David Hermanson -Alternate.
Seated L-R: Roger Smith, Allen Stone, Paul Heinonen, James Hebner, Bob Treglowne, Paul Masini, William Downey. 
Absent from photo: Coach Alfred Brey
Photo Courtesy of George Houle.
  1960-61 Bantams
Gundlach Contractors
Gundlach1960-61Bantams.jpg (68177 bytes)
Left to R: Sylvester, Sintkowski, Parker, Wade, Brey -Coach, Masini, Juntikka, Heinonen, LaVissioniere, Boxer, Witting.
Kneeling: Treglowne, Kangas.
Missing from Photo: Zerbst -Coach, Petcoch, P. DeHate, H. DeHate.
12 Wins, 2 Losses.

Photo from the Chassell Smelt Jamboree book April 1961

Gundlach Bantam Team 1962-63
District Champions
GundlachTeam1962-63_s.jpg (100589 bytes)
Standing L-R: Leonard Franz -Coach, Jerry Soumis, Gary Frans, John Perander, Mike Soumis,, Richard Koski, Ric Hausworth, Chuck Ongie, Ron Mikkola -Coach.
Kneeling L-R: Richard Stone, Gary Edger, Paul Colombe, Jim Lampinen, Mark Pyykonen, Terry Koskelo, Lee Haunala, Eric Monberg.

Photo courtesy of Mike Soumis

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