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Lake Linden, Michigan


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1974  was the inaugural year for the Lake Linden High School Club Team, coached by Fred Sterk.  The school was admitted into the Lake Superior High School Hockey League in 1977 with head coach Jeff Kangas.  The last team entered in the league was the 98-99 team coached by Mike Trezona. 


Lake Linden Hockey Club
LakeLindenHockeyClub1906 s.jpg (129446 bytes)
Back Row Lt to Rt: Albert Roberts, Joe Warner, John StAntione, Rudolph Meyer, Frank Warner.
Sitting: Archie Lanouette, Will Walter? Parks, Henry Hodge, Jack Herman, Bill Franks.
Photo courtesy of Robert Erkkila

"First Lake Linden Team"

Top row Lt to Rt: Reuben Barrette, Gordon Moyle, Kenneth Simonen, Fay Clemens, Michael Holzberger, Jerome Barrette, Hubert Dion, Richard T. Rowe.
Front Row: Allan Barrette, Dale Lanouette, Francis Bessner, Thomas Dion, Ronald Baril.
Photo courtesy Houghton County Historical Museum
Lake Linden High School Club Team
Inaugural Season!

Back Row L-Rt: Ricky Sarazin, Dan Hendrickson, Gary Westerberg, Dan Radeka, Greg Koepel, Ricky Gunther.
Center Row L-Rt: Allen Anderson, Gary DuMonthier, Peter Dupius, Larry Monette, David Beauchamp, Mike Cloutier, Tim Fontaine, Dave Soper, Coach Fred Sterk.
Seated L-Rt: Brian Rheault -Mgr, Steve Dube, Mike Dupuis, Bruce Bonini, Scott Hendrickson, John Erkilla, Bruce Foreman.
Missing Assistant Coach Rick Miller Photo courtesy of Bruce Bonini

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First Year of 
Lake Linden HS Hockey
in the Lake Superior HS Hockey League.
Lake Linden High School
LLHS1978-79s.jpg (117741 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Mike Trezona, Tom Koskela, Jay Lepisto, David Radeka, Brain Mishica, Mike Soper.
Middle Row L-R: Coach Bill Steele, Ted Fountaine, Mike Peterson, Kevin Curtin, Jeff Wilberding, Ron Westerberg, Roger Johnson, Dan Soper, Tim Dupuis, Asst. Coach Dale Mars.
Kneeling L-R: Tom Kolehmainen, Kevin Geshel, Don Beauchamp, Paul Stemen, Jeff Anderson, Mike MacIntosh, Gerry Kangas, Larry Monette.
1980-81 1981-82
1982-83 1983-84 1984-85
Lake Linden High School
LLHS1985-86s.jpg (114765 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Kyle Curtin, Brian Jutila, Bruce Peterson, Erik Butkonen, Erik Byykkonen.
Middle Row L-R: Coach Jolly, Lance Perala, Bobbie Audette, Bobby Bingham, Brian Lassila, Ron Normand, John Hendrickson, John Ewert, Brian Audette, Niles Lefebvre, Asst Coach Byykkonen,.
Seated L-R: Randy Goldsworthy, Gordy Lepisto, Gregg Lepisto, Mike Lepisto, Paul Dube, Jim Hoffman -mgr.


Lake Linden High School
LLHS1986-87s.jpg (119002 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Bob Bingham, Ted Curtin, Jeff Klein, Greg Harjala, Eric Byykkonen,
Middle Row L-R: Coach Vern Jolly, Nathan Ewert, John Ewert, Brian Audette, Kyle Curtin, John Hendrickson, Erik Butkonen, Bob Audette, Asst Coach Dan Byykkonen.
Seated L-R: Lance Perala, Niles Lefebvre, Mark Gilles, Paul Dube, Dawson LaCasse, Gref Audette, Rob Cuff, Jim Hoffman -mgr.
Lake Linden High School
LLHS1987-88s.jpg (99185 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Dan Schmitt, Niles Lefavbre, Gregg Audette, Nathan Ewert, Rod Haltunen.
Middle Row L-R: Coach Kurt Helminen, Ryan LaCasse -mgr, Bob Bingham, Todd Jutila, Jeff Klein, John Ewert, Greg Harjala, Erik Butkonen, Lance Perela, Asst Coach Gary Parker.
Seated L-R: Mark Gilles, Bob Audette, Robbie Cuff, Eric Byykkonen, Dawson LaCasse.
Lake Linden High School
LLHS1988-89s.jpg (109120 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Brad Byykkonen, Greg Harjala, Jeff Klein, Todd Jutila, Rodd Haltunen.
Middle Row L-R: Coach Parker, Dan Wenberg, Dan Schmitt, Greg Audette, Rob Cuff, Jim Hoffman, Coach Helminen.
Seated L-R: Lance Perala, Mark Gilles, Bobby Bingham, Scott Destrampe, Niles Lefavbre, Ryan LaCasse -mgr.
1990 1990-91 1991-92
1992-93 1993-94 1994-95
Lake Linden High School
LLHS1995-96s.jpg (156372 bytes)
Top Row L-R: Erik Miller, Andy Isola, John Kus, Charlie Zerbst.
Middle Row L-R: Head Coach Mike Usitalo, Rob Dukart, Steve Koskela, Marc Koskela, Dennis Schmitt, John Haataja, Asst Coach Gary Usitalo.
Seated L-R: Bryan Miller, Brandon Stevens, Cory Hoffman, Jason Dukart, Joey Heide -mgr.

Season Record: 13W - 10L
1996-97 1997-98
Last Year of 
Lake Linden HS Hockey

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