Laurn-Grove Hockey Teams
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In Honor of Alvin Laurn & Robert Grove, this page is dedicated to all
the Hancock men and women who lost their lives in defense of their country.

Alvin Laurn
LaurnAlvin_s.jpg (62002 bytes)
Alvin was a youth hockey player from Hancock, he was killed at sea in WWII. 
In honor of his memory, the ice rink in Hancock, on Roberts Street, was named after 
Alvin Laurn.
Robert Grove
GroveRobert_s.jpg (60947 bytes)
Robert, a young man from Hancock, was killed at sea in WWII.
 In honor of his memory, the ice rink in Hancock, on Roberts Street, was named after 
Robert Grove.



First Laurn-Grove Team
Laurn-Grove Team 1949-50.jpg (95240 bytes)
Back Row Lt to Rt: Ed Hauswirth -Mgr, Bob Jeffery, Doug Crawford, Jerry Kotila, Willy Maki, Chet Jeffries, Lowell Bentens, Stanley Thompson, Carl Voelker, Gerald Hocking, Clarence Mayra -Coach.
Front Row Lt to Rt: Phil Monticello, Fran Frenette, Robert (Gabe) Martell, Ed Santori, Paul Wiedenhoefer, Tom Dixon, Marvin Mayra.


Laurn-Grove 1953-54
UP Junior Champs
LaurnGrove1953-54 UPJrChamps.jpg (176467 bytes)
Back Row Lt to Rt: Paul Coppo, Louis Salani, Gerald Frenette, Ken Storm, Bob Hauswirth, Donald Dennis, Jack Fountain, Timothy Young.
Front Row: Ronald Verville, John Ricci, Donald Holombo, Edward Santori, Michael Houle, Lowell Dennis, Roy Hiltunen, Coach Carl Jacobson.
L-GwinsUPs1954news.jpg (51624 bytes)

1953-54 PeeWees
LaurnGrove1953-54PeeWee_nbs.jpg (110872 bytes)
Standing L-R: Michael Coppo, Robert Mikesch, Gerry Carlson, Dante Balconi, Robert Olson, James Federighe, Bob Bingham, Thomas Mikkenin.
Kneeling L-R: Geno Gemignani, David Hermanson, Ducher Bingham, William Mikesch, Gerry Lehto, Louis Fredianelli.

unknown year
Laurn-Grove Team
Michigan State Junior Champs
LaurnGroveStateChampsUnkyrs.jpg (75665 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Gerry Frenette -Coach, Dave Kemppainen, Bob Bingham, Jim Bovard, Anthony LePage, Tom Colombe, John Ricci.
Kneeling L-R: Emery Ruelle, Dave Mattson, Tom Immonen, Bill Latvala, Jerry Lehto, Bob Hannon.
Laurn-Grove Bantams
First State Champs?
LaurnGrove1955BantamsFirstStChamps_s.jpg (67897 bytes)
Top Row L-R: Bob Banfield, Bruce Riutta, Bob O'Brien, Bob Mikesch, Clyde Smith,  Mike Coppo, Ron Mikkola, Dan Ala?, John Townsend.
Front Row: Dennis McCullough, ---?, Bill Fournier, ---?, Bill Bingham, Reijo Vuorinen, Coach Paul Coppo.
Center/Front: Dick Richards.
missing 2 names

LaurnGrove_unk_date 1950s_2s.jpg (54258 bytes)

LaurnGrove_atDetroits.jpg (49064 bytes)
These Bantams traveled to Detroit to play before and during the first period of the Red Wings game in the Olympia.
With Coach Paul Coppo & Mgr Earl Gorman.

Photos courtesy of Bob Sibilsky

Laurn-Grove Bantams
LaurnGroveBantamsFeb1956s.jpg (59673 bytes)
need names!

Photo courtesy of Bob Sibilsky

March 1956
LaurnGrove1955-56Bantams.jpg (134777 bytes)
L-R: M Coppo, J Townsend, B Fournier, B Bingham, B Mikesch, Coach Paul Coppo, B Riutta.

1958 The Hancock Laurn-Grove Juniors, won the State Championship Title. Members of this team were: .... Please contact the webmaster if you have more info or a picture of this team!  1958-59?
Laurn-Grove Juveniles
State Champions!
LaurnGrove1958-59maybeJuvenile_s.jpg (101935 bytes)
Standing L-R: Jack Ploof -coach, Robert Mikesch, Mike Zerbst, Ronald Honkanen, Richard Brey, Tom Geborkoff, Jack Junttonen, Coach Joe Houle.
Seated L-R: Reijo Vuorinen, James Townsend, William Bingham, Jim Houle, Ronald Mikkola, Willard Fournier.

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1960 The Hancock Laurn-Grove, Juveniles, won the State Championship Title for the second year in a row.
LaurnGrove1959-60StChamps.jpg (79492 bytes)
Players names to the right
Regular season record: 12 W, 0 L, 1 Tie.

Michigan VFW Tournament Champs held at Dee Stadium in Houghton: 
L-G 6 Calumet 2; L-G 7 Soo VFW 1.

UP Finals held at Marquette Palestra: L-G 11 Marquette 1; L-G 3 Soo 1.

Michigan State Finals held at Dee Stadium in Houghton: Laurn Grove 6 Dearborn MicMacs 0.

Laurn-Grove Juveniles State Champions
LaurnGroveJuveniles1959-60s.jpg (110699 bytes)
Standing L-R: Bob Treglowne -Pres of LG club, Bob Banfield, Leo Durocher, Ron Mikkola, James Honkanen, Mike Zerbst, Charley Mason, Bob Mikesch, Tom Geborkoff, Richard Brey, Larry Hansen, Reijo Vuorinen, Bill Fournier, Jack Ploff -Mgr.
Kneeling L-R: Bill Bingham, Joe Houle -Coach, Jim Houle.

Photo from Chassell Smelt Jamboree book
 April 1960

Laurn-Grove Juveniles
State Champs
LaurnGroveJuvenilesStChamp1961s.jpg (102459 bytes)

Photo from Chassell Smelt Jamboree book
 April 1961

Laurn-Grove Juveniles
State Champs 3rd Year in a Row!
Laurn Grove Team 1961.jpg (112239 bytes)
Standing L-R: Jack Ploof -Mgr, John Townsend, Bob Banfield, Edward Zellner, Don Nikkinen, Dennis McCullough, Don Miller, James Morin, Reijo Vuorinen, Leo Durocher, Dan Ala, Mike Zerbst, Richard Brey, Chuck Lucchesi, Tom Bernard, Oscar Pekala -Pres of Laurn Grove Club.
Kneeling L-R: Joe Houle -Coach, Jim Houle, Bill Bingham, Dick Richards.
Regular Season 10W, 2L
Michigan VFW State Champs
UP Finals Champs

Laurn-Grove Team
Laurn Grove Team unk date.jpg (87441 bytes)
Back Row Lt to Rt: Ed Zellner, John Butkonen, Dave Simonsen, Don Nikkonen, Gary Brey, Tom Brenard, Mike Gorman, Gerald Federighi, Gary Houle, Chuck Lucchessi, Bruce Riutta -Capt.
Front Row: Joe Houle -Coach, Ken (Epper) Saavala, Bob O'Brien, George Houle, John Townsend, Fred (Draggy) Ruelle, Dave Isola, Norman (Buddy) Banfield, Oscar Pekkala -Mgr.
Regular Season 19W, 3L
VFW Tourney Champs:
L-G 13 vs Marquette 3
L-G 5 vs Soo 4 (4OT)
UP Tourney:
L-G 10 vs Calumet 3
L-G 2 vs Soo 3 OT


1962-63 All Stars
Laurn-Grove Juveniles
LaurnGrove1962-63.jpg (81737 bytes)
Standing Lt to Rt: Joe Houle -Coach, Mike Gorman, Dave Hermanson, Paul Sawyer, Jerry Federighi, Bill Heinonen, Oscar Pekkala -Coach.
Sitting Lt to Rt: William Butch Downey, Gary Houle, George Houle, Norm Buddy Banfield, Alan Stone, Clyde Smith, Jack Columbe

Photo courtesy George Houle.

National Juvenile Champs!
LaurnGrove1964NatlChamps.jpg (70953 bytes)
Back Row left:  Oscar Pekkala, Mike Lowney, Dave Hermanson, Herb Boxer, Al
Stone, Bill  Heinonen, Arlen Ollanketo, John Juntikka, Paul Heinonen, Jim
Wade, Bob Treglowne Sr.
Front row left: Joe Houle -Coach, Mike Verbanac, Terry Sintkowski, Bob Treglowne Jr.,
Dave Witting, Bill Downey, Dave Kimball, Clyde Smith.


unknown year
Laurn-Grove Team
LaurnGrove19--unk_date_s.jpg (85368 bytes)
Standing L-R: Jack Ploof, Joe Houle -Coach, Mike Zerbst, James Morin, Dan Ala, Chuck Lucchessi, Gary Brey, Tom Bernard, Oscar Pekkala -Coach.
Middle L-R:  Dennis McCoullough, Reijo Vuorinen, Bob Banfield, Ed Zellner, John Butkonen.
Front L-R: Don Miller, Don Nikkinen, John Townsend, Jim Houle, Dick Richards, Bill Bingham.

 need date, trophy for --?

National Juvenile Champs
LaurnGrove1963-64NationalJuvChamp_s.jpg (101558 bytes)
Standing L-R: Oscar Pekkala (Mgr), Mike Lowney, Al Stone, Herb Boxer, Willy Rajala, Bill Heinonen, Arlen Olanketo, Jim Wade, Dave Witting, John Juntika, Bob Tregalowne (Mgr.)
Kneeling L-R: Joe Houle -Coach, Mike Verbanac, Terry Sinkowski, David Hermanson, 
William Butch Downey, Clyde Smith, Paul Heinonen, Dave Kimball, Bob Treglowne
    LaurnGrovePatch63-64NatChamps_s.jpg (91245 bytes)

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