John MacInnes Holiday Hockey Classic Champions
Copper Country, Michigan

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Champs of the John MacInnes Holiday Hockey Classic, a High School Tournament held in December at the John MacInnes Student Ice Rink in Houghton; currently between Upper Peninsula HS teams Houghton, Hancock, Calumet and Sault Ste Marie, Michigan:

1975 Sault Bawating
1976  Houghton Gremlins
1977  Livonia Stevenson
1978  White Pine Collegiate
1979  Lakeway Collegiate
1980  Detroit Country Day
1981  Hancock Bulldogs
1982  Lakeway Collegiate
1983  Hancock Bulldogs
1984  Houghton Gremlins
1985  Houghton Gremlins
1986  Houghton Gremlins
1987  Houghton Gremlins
1988  Soo Blue Devils
1989  Houghton Gremlins
1990  Calumet Copper Kings
1991  Calumet Copper Kings
1992  Calumet Copper Kings
1993  Soo Blue Devils
1994  Houghton Gremlins
1995  Calumet Copper Kings
1996  Calumet Copper Kings
1997  Calumet Copper Kings
1998  Calumet Copper Kings
1999  Soo Blue Devils
2000  Hancock Bulldogs
2001  Calumet Copper Kings
2002  Hancock Bulldogs
2003  Houghton Gremlins
2004  Hancock Bulldogs
2005  Soo Blue Devils
2006  Hancock Bulldogs
2007  Calumet Copper Kings




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