Portage Lake Team pictures: 
1890's to the present!

from Houghton, Michigan


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1899 Portage Lakes
the first known PL hockey team
1899 Portage Lakers nbs.jpg (179275 bytes)
Top Row L-R: B. Potter (Lt Wing), Ellsworth, Dr. R.B. Harkness, Black, Dr. E.R. Hay.
Seated L-R: Thompson, Dr. J.H. Gibson (Cover Pt), C.E. Webb -mgr, Dr Percy H. Willson (Rt Wing), Delaney (Point).
Kneeling L-R: Wally Washburn, Andy Haller (Rover).
Note there were four Doctors on this team!

Members of the 1899, 1900, 1901 team also included Rowe at Forward. 
C. Yates and Dr. H.B. Harkness were officials.








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19?? Early 1900's
190--PL_teamOnLake_s.jpg (43390 bytes)
need names and date!

1902 or before
Portage Lake Hockey Team
Champions of the West
1902orEarlierPLChampsofWest.jpg (61527 bytes)
Top Row Lt to Rt:  A Holler -Rover, E.C. Hay -Spare, C.H. Webb -Mgr, P.H. Willson -Center, R. Rowe -Left For'd.
Seated Lt to Rt: W. Washburn -Spare, H.E. Meinke -Right For'd, J.L. Gibson -Capt. Cover Point, E.E. Howell -Point, J.H. Jones -Goal.

1902-03 Portage Lake
Champions of the US
1902-03PortageLakeChamps s.jpg (130135 bytes)
 Top Row L-R: Andy Haller -Sub, J.H. Stephens, C.E. Webb -Manager,  L.J. Ames -Trainer, J.C Baker -Point.
 Front row: J.L Gibson -C. Point and Captain, R. Rowe -Left, J.H. Jones -Goal, C.E. Wescott -Right, H.E. Meinke -Center. 
Paddy the Mascot dog.

Portage Lake 
 World Champs & World's First All Professional Hockey Team!  
1903-04 Portage Lake hockey club world champs.jpg (207922 bytes)
Top row Left: N.F. Westcott -Sub, James. Duggan -Trainer, C.E. Webb -Mgr, J.R. Dee -Pres, J. Linder -Sub.
Mid: Bertram C. Morrison -Rover, W.C. Shields -R Wing, J.L. Gibson -Capt & Point, W. Hodgson Stuart -Cover Point, C. Bruce Stuart -Center.
Front: C. Ernest Westcott -L Wing, William M.orH. Hern -Goal.

Roster & Game Results:
1904PortageLakeGames&Roster.jpg (74712 bytes)

Portage Lake Pro Team
1904-05PLMarchAmphidrome_s.jpg (111987 bytes)
Top Row Lt to Rt: Hod Stuart, Mgr Charles E. Webb, John L. "Doc" Gibson.
Seated Lt to Rt: Ernest Wescott, William "Cooney" Shields, Bruce Stuart, William Riley Hern, Bert Morrison.

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Portage Lake Pro Team
1906 Portage Lake Intl League Champs.jpg (60009 bytes)
Clockwise from top left: Capt C. Bruce Stuart -Center, Barney Holden -Cover pt., John T. McNamara -Manager, Grindy Forrester -point, W.M Riley Hern -Goal, Joe H. Hall -Rt wing, Harry Bright -Rover, James W. Duggan -Trainer, Walter A Forrest -spare, Fred W. Taylor -Rover, Red E. Lake -Lt wing.

Portage Lake IHL Pro Team
1906-07PortageLakeIHL.jpg (67788 bytes)
Top 3 L-R: Jas M Duggan -Trainer;
Darcy Regan,
John T. McNamara -Mgr.
Middle 2 L-R
Fred W. Taylor,
Barney Holden.
Middle 4 L-R
Grindy Forester,
Goldy Cochrane, 
C. Bruce Stuart -Capt., 
Fred E. Lake.
Bottom 1: Jack Descarie.

Photo courtesy of Ernie Fitzsimmons
Hockey Historian, Fredericton, N.B

Portage Lake Hardware
Commercial Champions
1907 Portage Lake Hardware Commercial Champs.jpg (85643 bytes)
Top left: Geo. Heinz -Capt Rover, Elmer Slusser -Point, Will Heinz -C point, Joe Hillenbrand -Center.
Middle: Neill Lowney -Trainer, Cy Wedge -Goal, W. Fairbairn -Manager.
Front: L. Carpenter -R Wing, H. Hosking -L Wing.
Cup says: Presented by the ? Cartridge Company, Cincinnati, Ohio







Portage Lake Team
inside Amphidrome

Top Row L-R: -, W. Exley, -,  -,  -,  -,  -,  -.
On Ice L-R: -, -.
Please contact the webmaster if you know the names of these players.
Photo courtesy of MTU archives.

Portage Lake
U.S. Champions!
1912unkdatePortageLakeUSChamps nbs.jpg (105549 bytes)
Top Row Lt to Rt: John Mortimer Croze -Mgr, Paul Hogan -C.Point,  William Trathen -Point.
Seated Lt to Rt: Walter Exley -R.Wing, Oley/L. Haas -Center, Carlos "Cub" Haug -Goal, Delore Chaput -Rover, Elmer J. Sicotte -L.Wing.   
News copy of picture courtesy of Donald Chaput.

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Portage Lake Juniors
Intermediate Champs of the Copper Country
1915PortageLakeJuniors s.jpg (115857 bytes)
Top Left: P. Grant -R Wing, H. Fernette -C.Point, L.V. Croze -Mgr, C. Auger -Point, R. Richards -L Wing.
Mid: B. Hind -Center & Capt, cup, O. Peterson -Rover.
H. Richards -Trainer, E. Wimmer -C.Point, J. Reault -Goal, G.M. Wahl -Point.


Portage Lake Team

members from news:
Monette -goalie, Trathen, Cullman, Hogan, Briden (from Salisbury, Ont.) Bailey (from Port Arthur), Sicotte, Jerry Coughlin, Coutu.

Unk date
Portage Lake Hardware Team

1900sEarlyPortageLakeHrdware.jpg (53038 bytes)
Standing Lt to Rt: C.E. Westcott -Coach, B. Fletcher -R Wing, J Ogston -Sub, W. Heinz -L Wing, Wm. E. Fairbairn -Manager.
Sitting on Chairs Lt to Rt: John Murphy -Cover, J. McKercher -Goal, R. Eggleston -Point.
Front Lt to Rt: N.F. Westcott -Rover, G. Heinz -Center.




Portage Lake Team
1924-25PortageLakeTeam s.jpg (294877 bytes)
Top Row L to R: Phil Houle -Forward; H.L. Tesen -L Forward; "Curley" Ray Kolehmainen -Center; H.L Bettinson -R Forward; Glenn Mountjoy -Forward.
Middle 3: Trainer Joseph Abb, Manager Joseph Stack, Captain Irving Monette -R Def.
Bottom Row L to R: Douglas Houghton Trangmar -Def.; George Wahl -Def.; Robert Zyrd -Goalie; Leo Roy -Center; R.R. Goodreau -Goalie.

Portage Lake Eagles

Jacobson -goal, Doug Tesen, Mustonen, Ray Kolehmainen, Bettision -capt, Leo H. Roy, Montjoy, Houle, Riutta.

Portage Lake Team

Back row Left to Rt: Stack-Mgr, Josephs, Anderson, B. Rolin, Cohlett, Romnes, Myre.
Front & Mid Left to Rt: Webber, Lynch, Clement -Goalie, Capon.

Amphidrome rink had burned 9 January 1927, players lost their equipment in the fire: uniforms, skates etc.
According to the 13 January 1927 Daily Mining Gazette, players on the Portage Lake team were: Clemens Goal, Hines RD, Monette LD, Romnes C, Lynch LW, Joseph RW, Ganton Fd, Webber Fd, Campbell Fd.

Portage Lake Cubs Team
U.P Champions!

Top Row Left to Rt: M. Latva -Def, H. L Bettinson -For, L.H. Roy -Mgr-Forward, D.E. Tesen -For, R. Kolehmain -Center.
Middle Row L-Rt: H. Ruelle -Coach, R Wuopio -Trainer.
Bottom Row L-Rt: M. Kuzma -For, R.R. Goodreau -goal, E.R.Riutta -For, A.A. Riutta -Def.

Photo courtesy of B. Riutta.

Portage Lake Team
1927-28PortageLakes.jpg (54681 bytes)
Left to Rt: -,-,-,-, Cyril J. Bingham -goalie, -,-,-,-,-,-,-.

please contact webmaster if you know the names of these players.

Photo courtesy of Bingham family.


Portage Lake Team
1928PortageLake s.jpg (106767 bytes)
Left to Rt: Joe Abb -Trainer, Daly -Capt.; Myre; Forslund; Cyril J. Bingham -goalie; Wyllie; McQuinn; Allen; Joseph; Quinn; Butch/Joe? Stack -Mgr. 

Photo courtesy of Bingham family.  





1939 Rosters:

Portage Lake Team
MacNaughton Cup Champs
Gibson Cup Champs
1938-39 Portage Lakes Elks Champs.jpg (69546 bytes)
Top Row Left: J.R. Abb -Trainer, M.I. Joffee -Business Mgr, R.C. Harrington -Sec'y-Tres, W.J. Smith -Chairman, F.J. Yeip -Manager, G.C. Siller -Asst Mgr.
2nd row: G. Teele -Forward, E. Murray -Goal, E. Klingbeil -Capt-Def, F. Ingram -Coach-Forward.
3rd row: J. Rozinka -Def, E. Juntunen -Def.
4th bottom row: J. Stack -Forward, R. Kohlman -Forward, I. Stalker -Forward, J. Stobel -Asst Trainer, D. Bladnick -Forward, W. Kananen -Forward, B. Ruelle -Forward.

Photo courtesy of Bernie Ruelle family.




1 December 1947

Naming the Portage Lake 
Hockey Club Team

1947PLPioneerNameLetter_s.jpg (79579 bytes)

Signed by
G.H. Richards,

Team Name Winner:

Portage Lake Pioneers!

Letter courtesy of
Doreen Tormala Lockwood

1943-1946 This league did not play.
The Northern Michigan Wisconsin League started again in the 1946-47 season, altho Portage Lake did not participate that season, the Calumet-Laurium team was made up of all Copper Country players.

Portage Lake Team
Gibson Cup Winners!
1947-48 Portage Lake Hockey Club Champs.jpg (99608 bytes)
Top Left: Joseph Bukovich -Forward, Bernard Ruelle -Forward, James Mosienko -Forward, Wilbert Sivonen -Goal, Mike Bukovich -Defense.
2nd row: William Lindstrom -Forward, William Kolehmainen -Forward, John Plesch -Forward, Ernest Klingbeil -Cap'n Defense, Jack Ruelle -Forward.
3rd row:  Neil McLean -Forward, Pete Pisnook -Defense.
4th row:  Douglas Peterson -Forward, Ruppert* [Wilber] Savela -Forward.
5th bottom row: George Richards -Sec'y, Herman Gundlach -Vice Pres, Milton Joffee-Pres, Warner Rantala -Trainer.

The picture identifies one of the players as Ruppert Savela, when it is actually his brother who played hockey; Wilber Savela.

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Portage Lake Team
Champions MOW League
Gibson Cup Winners!
1947-48PLteamMOWchamps s.jpg (140931 bytes)
Standing L to R: Mike Bukovich, Curly Kolehmainen, Ike Klingbeil, Bill Lindstrom, Pete Pisnook, Joe Bukovich, John Pleshe.
Kneeling L to R: Doug Peterson, Wilber Savela, Neil McLean, Waino "Bud" Sivonen, Bernie Ruelle, Jim Mosienko, Jack Ruelle.

The score board behind the players says on the left side: 2 McCabe, 3 Finnegan, 4 Rolle, 5 Englestad, 7 Prick, 8 Burman, 9 Goodman, 10 Wild, 11 O'Brien, 12 Adams, 14 Tompson, 16 Fleming, 17 Turgeson, 8 Roberts, 20 Opsohl.
 right score board: 2 Messinger, 3 Erickson, 5 Donegan, 6? Graver,10 Mihelcich, 11 Gregorich, 12 Noblet, 14 Ruelle, 12 Meyers, 25 Waite, 6 Rowe

Photo courtesy of Mim Whittaker.

1948-49 Roster & Games
1948-49PLroster.jpg (72618 bytes)
Portage Lake Team
1948-49PLteams.jpg (94738 bytes)
Top Row L-R: J. Norkel, Fran Lowney, Bill Lindstrom, Mike Bukovich, K. Rintala, L. Rautiola, Tony Bukovich Sr.
Front Row L-R: Butch Bukovich -Stick Boy, C. Berryman, D. Koski, Jack Ruelle, Joe Bukovich, J. Alla, Paul Coppo, J. Taddiucci, Norm Ruohonen, R. Tappani, Tony Bukovich Jr. -Stick Boy.
Photo courtesy of Gerry Sullivan

1950's? need date
Portage Lake Team
19--PLteamUnkdate_s.jpg (77312 bytes)
Standing L-R: John Ricca, Ron Paavola, Jerry Frenette, Paul Coppo, Jerry Kestner, Jerry Marttila, Ray Frenette, Jack Ruelle, Coach Tony Bukovich.
Kneeling L-R: Reuben Paavola, Donald Dennis, Paul Vitton, Ray Tapani, Fran Lowney, Bill O'Brien.




Portage Lake Team
1950-51PLteams.jpg (71388 bytes)
L-Rt: Jack Ruelle, Rudy Gemignani, Bernie Ruelle, Bob Moyle, Paul Vitton, Joe Ricci, Fran Lowney, Joe Bukovich, Arlen "Gumps" Juntunen, Mike Bukovich, Numpu Hermanson, Bill Lindstrom, Tony Bukovich, Bob or Larry Anderson.

Photo courtesy of Gerry Sullivan

Portage Lake Team
Gibson Cup Winners

L-Rt: Jack Ruelle, Jim Shetney, Fran Lowney, Arlen "Gumps" Juntunen, Bill O'Brien, Tony Bukovich, Mike Bukovich, Joe Bukovich, Bernie Ruelle, Jim Tadducci, Kenner Ruohonen, Roy Luoto, Pat Nevens -Trainer.
Photo courtesy of Gerry Sullivan

1951-52 Portage Lake Team Dinner 
at the Douglas House in Houghton
Gibson Cup Champions
1951-52PortageLakeGibsondinner s.jpg (43688 bytes)
Lt to Rt: Jim Taddeucci, Jackie Ruelle, Bill O'Brien, Bob Koskela, Joe Bukovich, Pat Nevens, Tony Bukovich, flowers in Gibson Cup, Winks Gundlach, Mike Bukovich, Arlen "Gumps" Juntunen, Fran Lowney, Jim Shetney, Lock Sahumacher, Fred Welch, Bernie Ruelle, Mike Siller, Tim Doyle.
PL Pioneers players listed on the Playoff Program when they beat the Marquette Sentinels 12-2, with Tony Bukovich scoring 8 times on Sunday March 23, 1952:
Ray Luoto -goal, Art Juntinen, Fran Lowney, Doug Morin, Jim Taddeucci, Milt Hermanson, Bernie Ruelle, Jack Ruelle, Bob O'Connell, Tony Bukovich, Ben Rouhonen, Jjim Shetmey, Mike Bukovich, Joe Bukovich.

Portage Lake Team
1952-53PL&GibsonCup_s.jpg (89199 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Fred Walsh, Jackie Ruelle, Jim Raddeucci, Ken Ruohonen, Jim Shetney, Pat Nevens-Trainer.
Front Row L-R: Tony Bukovich, Bernie Ruelle, Mike Bukovich, Fran Lowney, Ray Luotto, Joe Bukovich, Bill O'Brien, Arlen "Gumps" Juntunen.

Photo courtesy of Ruelle family.

1952-53 PL roster
1952-53PL roster.jpg (30715 bytes)


Portage Lake Team
League Champs
Michigan State Champs
National Senior Champions
in Lewiston Maine 
1955PLteams.jpg (81421 bytes)
Lt to Rt: Tony Bukovich -Coach, Owen O'Brien, Fuzzy Frenette, Jerry Kestner, Paul Vitton, Rod Paavola, Ronald Hank Norkol, Billy O'Brien, Ray Tapani, Jerry Martilla, Fran Lowney, Don Dennis, Paul Coppo, John Ricci, Jackie Ruelle, Fred Berry.
Picture courtesy of Fran Lowney.

Portage Lake Team
1955-56 Portage Lake team.jpg (59147 bytes)
Standing L-R: Rod Paavola, Alden Norkol, Paul Coppo, Bill O'Brien, Bob Hauswirth, Gerry Marttila, Fran Lowney, Fuzzy Frenette, Tony Bukovich -Coach.
Kneeling: Jeff Fountain, Jerry Kestner, Pooch Dennis, Paul Vitton, John "Topper" Ricci, Jackie Ruelle, Ray Tapani.


1956-57 or 57-58?
Portage Lake Team
Whittaker Cup Champs
1950's Portage Lake team Tony B coach.jpg (81240 bytes)
Top left: Coach Tony Bukovich, John "Topper" Ricci, Bob Hauswirth, Jerry Marttila, Bruce Coppo, -- Hamilton, Carlo Catarella?, Bill Mikesch, Jeff Fountain.
Front: Paul/Toby? Doud, Roger Maki #4, Merv Klemett #1, Tony LaPage, Ken Ruohonen #10, Burt "Ginter" Maki.

1955-56 (or 58-59?)
Portage Lake Team
1955-56PLTeam_s.jpg (97970 bytes)
Back Row Lt to Rt: Jackie Ruelle -Coach, Rod Paavola, Fran Lowney, John "Topper" Ricci, Bob "Andy" Anderson, Jerry Martila, Glen Pyhtilla, Jerry "Fuzzy" Frenette, Clyde Maki, Earl Grandchamp -Mgr.
Kneeling Lt to Rt: Tom Immonen, Don "Skip" Dennis, Tony Lapage, Merv Klemett, Emery Ruelle, Ray Tapani.
not in picture: Burton Maki
Picture courtesy of Clyde Maki

1956PLTonyBukacceptTrophy c.jpg (155984 bytes)
Coach Tony Bukovich accepts trophy 1956
Lt to Rt: Don Dennis, Jerry Martila, Ray Tapani, Ruben Paavola, Tony Bukovich, Paul Coppo, Jack Ruelle, Jerry Frenette, (Paul Vitton?)

Portage Lake Team
Whittaker Cup Winners
1957-58PL&WhittakerCup_s.jpg (93404 bytes)
Standing L-R: John "Jackie" Ruelle -Coach, L. "Skip" Dennis, Earl Grandchamp -Trainer/Equip Mgr, Bert Maki, Eddie Yankovich -Mgr, Clarence Rivest,  7=? Bingham, Paul Dowd, Jerry Kestner, Dave Mattson, Pete Healy.
Kneeling L-R: Merv Klemet, Emery Ruelle, Gerry Marttila, Don Dennis, Jeff Fountain -Goalie, Tony LePage, -- Juntinen.

Also listed on 1957-58 program roster:
Ray Tapani,  V. Maki, Glenn Phytla, , Don Holombo, Rod Paavola, John Ricci, Bob Anderson, Gerry Frenette, C. Maki.

Photo courtesy of Merv Klemett.

1957-58  PL Program.jpg (269773 bytes)

1957-58 PL Program roster.jpg (289868 bytes)

PL Pioneers Roster
1958 Portage Lake roster program.jpg (205666 bytes)

Mid-America Hockey League
Final Standings
BobcatsLeagueFinalStanding58-59_s.jpg (85802 bytes)
Portage Lake: 5 W, 17 L, 2 T

Portage Lake Team
need picture

members listed on program:

Jack Fountain -Goal, Burt Maki -Center, Pete Healy -Wing, Gerry Martila -Center, Dave Mattson -Center, Emery Ruelle -Wing, John Ricci -Wing, D. Kemppainen -Def,  Jerry Kestner -Wing, Jackie Ruelle -Def, Merv Klemett -Wing, Don Dennis -Def., Paul Vitton -Def., Tony LePage -Wing, Clyde Maki -Wing.

195-?? unk year
195-PL_TonyCoach_nbs.jpg (77436 bytes)
Standing L-R: Jeff Fountain, Hank Norkol, Paul Coppo, Bill O'Brien, Bob Hauswirth, Gerry Marttila, Fran Lowney, Ray Tapani, Tony Bukovich -Coach.
Kneeling: Rod Paavola, Jerry Kestner, "Fuzzy" Gerry Frenette, "Pouchy" Don Dennis, Paul Vitton, "Topper" John Ricci, Jack Ruelle.

Photo courtesy of Gerry Frenette.


1950s Portage Lake Team
need year and better picture
Champions of the Northern Hockey League

Back Row L-R: Tony Bukovich, Ken Ruohonen, Bill O'Brien, Jackie Ruelle, Joe Bukovich.
Front Rows L-R: Bernie Ruelle, Bob O'Connell, Fran Lowney, -- Taddeucci, Doug Morin, -- Juntunen, -- Shetney, -- Luoto, R. Ruohonen, Mike Bukovich.



Portage Lake Team
Gibson Cup Winners!

If you have a copy of this picture please contact the webmaster


Portage Lake

Portage Lake
Copper Country "Flyers"
1st year of the Flyers

Coach Rod Paavola
Portage Lake "Flyers"
Badger State League Champions!

Standing L-R: Coach Rod Paavola, Gary Houle, Reijo Vuorinen, Gerry Federighe, Leo Durocher, Fred Ruelle, Jim Morin, Gary Brey, John Baima, Joe Geborkoff.
Seated L-R: Ron Mikkola, Doug Hembroff, Dave Hermanson, Bill Downey, Jim Hebner, Captain Bob Mikesch, Bob Perrault, Rudy Saatio.

This picture was from a game program, if you have a better copy of this picture please contact the webmaster

Portage Lake Flyers
Gibson Cup Winners
1968-69PLFlyerss.jpg (125412 bytes)
Standing L-R: Gary Brey, Bob Wirtanen -Mgr, Doug Hembroff, Paul Heinonen, Bob Mikesch -Capt, Ron Mikkola, Randy Peterson -MAHA Rep with Cup, Rudy Saatio -goalie, Rod Paavola -Coach, Fred Ruelle behind Tom Mitchell, Jim Morin, Terry Koskela, Joe Geborkoff, Mike Soumis, Norm Koski -GM.
Kneeling L-R: Ken Savala -Mgr, Don Miller, Gary Franz, Butch Downey, Bill Bingham, Rich Rippi, Bob Perreault, Dave Hermanson.
in the Wisc-N. Michigan League
(formerly the Badger State League)
Picture taken after 4-2 win over arch-rival CLK in Calumet Armory to win the Gibson Cup.
Photo courtesy of Bob Mikesch

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March 7, 1970 
Portage Lake Flyers
Gibson Cup Champs
1969-70PLGibsonCupWin_s.jpg (84318 bytes)
L-R: Terry Sintkowski (in back), Dave Wiitanen hand on cup, Randy Peterson -MAHA hand on cup, Terry Koskela in back, Don Miller raised arm, Bob Mikesch -Capt, Doug Hembroff in back, Bill "Butch" Downey, Rod Paavola -Coach
Defeating Calumet Wolverines by 6-3, PL wins the Gibson Cup for 2nd straight year.

Photo courtesy of Bob Mikesch

1969-70 (or 70-71)
Whittaker Cup at left
Portage Lake Flyers Gibson Cup & State Intermediate Champs
1970-71PLFlyersGibsonCupChamp.jpg (162669 bytes)
Standing L to R: Rod Paavola -Coach, Rick Ongie -trainer, Gary Brey, Terry Koskela, Doug Hembroff, Rich Riippi, Mike Maki, Fred Ruelle, Joe Geborkoff, Don Miller, Ron Antilla -Trainer, Scurb Desrocher -Trainer, Norm Koski -GM, Ron Mikkola (injured)
Seated L-R: Mike Verbanac, Terry Sintkowski, Gary Franz, Mike Mitchell, Rudy Saatio, Bob Mikesch, Paul Heinonen, Butch Downey, Bill Bingham. missing from photo is Rich Brey & Bob Perreault.

Photo courtesy Bob Mikesch

If you can verify the year of this team,
 please contact the webmaster

Portage Lake Flyers
Michigan State Intermediate Champs
1970-71PL_IntermedChamps_nb.jpg (124831 bytes)

1970-71PLchampsNews_s.jpg (147316 bytes)

The Flyers were the Wisconsin Northern Michigan Hockey League (W-NMHL) Champs,
W-NMHL Playoff Champs,
& Michigan State Intermediate Champs!
In the National games:
Flyers 5 St Paul 11 -- Flyers 9 Soo 6

Portage Lake "Flyers"

Ron Mikkola's 1st year as coach;

players: Def: Rich Riipi, Mike Suomis, Doug Hembroff, Joe Geborkoff, Rich Brey.
Forwards: Don Miller, Terry Koskela, Gary Franz, Ken Fuohonen, Paul Colombe, Tom Greenleaf, Gary Brey, Bill Downey, Scott Brotherton, Fred Ruelle, Clyde Tuouimaa, Tom Houle, Dave Plowe, Bob Perrault.

1973 Program
1973PLvsCalProgram_s.jpg (171448 bytes)
Program courtesy of Jerry Federighe
1973-74 no team this year 
Portage Lake Pioneers
1978-79PLPioneers_s.jpg (110380 bytes)
Top row players L-R: 1, 2, 3, 4, Frank Jackovich.
Middle Row L-R: Kevin Ruohonen, Walter Mytty, Bob Perrault, Gary Franz, Tim/Jim? Opie, Brian Richie, Daryl Lishinski, 8, 9, Ken Savela (Epper).
Seated L-R: Rich Neilson -goalie, Bob Hocking, John Marino, Bob Kneebone, 5, Kim Parsai.

please Contact webmaster if you can help identify these players.
Gary Franz started the Portage Lake Pioneers in late 1970's again
after a few years of no Portage Lake Team.
please Contact webmaster if you have a photo of this team.

The Portage Lake team traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska.
Members of the PL team represented were:
Forwards: Bob Pietila, Dennis Sten, Gary Franz, Al Hokenson, Mark Harris, Joe Marino, Jim Arvo, Rus Kyllonen, John Marino, Jim Opie.
Def: Pat McCarthy, Mark Bukovich, Paul Finger, Bob Kneebone, Keith Harkonen.
Goal: Rich Neilson, Kim Parsai.
Staff: Kevin Ruohonen, Ken Savela, Walter Mytty, Floyd Wakeham.

Players L-R: Mike Wagoner, Rich Neilson -goalie, Joel Scott
photo courtesy of Joel Scott

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Portage Lake Pioneers
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Portage Lake Team

Portage Lake Team
Portage Lake Team
Portage Lake Team
Portage Lake Team
Portage Lake Team
Portage Lake Team
Portage Lake Team
Portage Lake Team


1990s Portage Lake Pioneers
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Portage Lake Pioneers
1993PL_about93.jpg (64545 bytes)
Standing L-R: Dan Ruohonen, Randy Lewis, Corey Markham, "Buster" Charles Roberts, Rod Ewacha, Colby VanTassel, Chuck Mitchell, Rich Whitten, Rudy Gemignani.
Kneeling L-R: Mark Huhta, Jamie Raffaelli, Brady Schaeffer, Roger Lewis, Brian Hannon, Lee Deforge, Mike Hauswirth, Mark Chegwidden, Joel Kirkish.
Portage Lake Pioneers

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Portage Lake Pioneers
Gibson Cup Champions
Senior US National Runners-up
1994-95PLNatlrunnerUps.jpg (119408 bytes)
Front Row L-R: Ken Rowe, Marc Pomroy, Gene Niec, Korey Rowe, Lee DeForge,  Jeff Markham, Micah Stipeck, Joel Kirkish, Greg Murphy, Dave Mikesch.
Back Row L-R: Randy Wakeham, Rod Wakeham, Roy Wakeham -Assist coach, Carl Beckwith, Pat McCarthy, Andy Ewert, Bob Brunet -equip, Jon French, Corey Markham, Buster Roberts, Mike Hauswirth, Rod Paavola -Coach, Ted Monticello -Trainer.
Portage Lake Pioneers
roster for 1995-96 from program:
Kurt Maki, Kevin Maki, Craig Biekkola, Jamie Raffaelli, Lee DeForge, Matt Roberts, Timm Carlson, Corey Markham, Micah Stipech, Mike Carlson, Gene Niec, Carl Beckwith, Steve Ritchie, Joe Marino, Joel Kirkish, Mike Hauswirth -capt, Buster Roberts, Dan Ruohonen, Pat McCarthy -capt, Nathan Radl, Grant Engebos, Jon French, Dave Mikesch, Garth Jurgensen.
GM: Joel Kirkish, Head coach Mike Hauswirth, Asst coach Ken Savela, Equip Bob Brunet, Trainer Ted Monticello.

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Portage Lake Pioneers
Gibson Cup Champions
Paavola Cup Champions
GLHL Regular Season Champions

Standing L-R: Joe Hughes -Mgr?, Ted Montecello, Joel Kirkish, Tim Calrson, Charles Roberts (bending), Epper Sauvola, Wayne Garnell, Bob Brunett, Rico Sumner, Pat McCarthy, Craig Biekkola, Branden Olenkato, Mike Hauswirth.
Kneeling L-R: Lee Deforge, Mark Chegwidden, Jeff Adler, Mark Palmer, John French, Mica Stipich, John Tajala, Jamie Raphaelli, Mark Maroste.
In Front L-R: Cory Markham, Justin Marcum.

News: Pioneers ascend to the top of the GLHL with some new young talent. Pioneers won the GLHL regular season championship, but fell short in the playoffs title tilt against the Fond du Lac Bears.

Portage Lake Pioneers
GLHL Regular Season Champions
GLHL Playoff Champions
Gibson Cup Champions
Paavola Cup Champions
Runner Up in Nationals

Pioneers fell 5-2 in the national championship game against the Sun Valley Suns from Idaho. Pioneers were run down by injuries, but still managed to pull through in overtime to defeat the defending champions Minneapolis Green Mill.
Pioneers won the regular season and playoff GLHL titles and the Gibson Cup. Justin Marcum scored over 100 points for the first time in Pioneer history.


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Portage Lake Pioneers
Gibson Cup Champions
GLHL Regular Season Champions
GLHL Playoff Champions
National Champions!
1999PortageLakePioneers Natl Champs.jpg (100367 bytes)
Top Row Lt to Rt: Pat McCarthy -Def, Mark Maroste -For, Scott Mikesch.
Middle Row Lt to Rt: Ken (Epper) Savela -Equip Mgr, Steve Bates -Ast. Equip Mgr, Jeremy Rintala -For, Casey Hagbo -Def, Buster Roberts -For, Ross Rinkinen -Def, Mark Pietila -For, Justin Niemi -For, Tim Carlson -For, Jim Pietila, Craig Biekkola -For, Dan Juopperi (9) -Def, John Rajala -For, Corey Markham -For, Mike Hauswirth -Coach -For, Cathy Lucchesi -Mgr.
Kneeling: Kevin Manninen, David Thorager -For, Jamey Markham (24) -Def, Austin Kryser (20), Jeff Markham -Goalie, Jon French -Def, Jim Barroga -Ast. Equip Mgr, Lee DeForge (5) -For, Justin Marcum -For, Brandon Ollanketo -For.

The greatest season in recent Pioneer History. The Pioneers finished the season 36-1 and were USA National Champions. Pioneer records were set by Justin Marcum in scoring with 110 Points, Goals Scored by Dave Thorager with 64, and assists by Justin Marcum with 65. Jeff Adler had 24 wins and Jeff Markham finished undefeated at 12-0.
The pioneers dominated senior hockey by averaging over 10 goals a game. Nationals were closer but the neers breezed through for their first national title in team history.

Season record: 36-1-0

Portage Lake
GLHL Playoff Champions
Gibson Cup Champions

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The Pioneers looked to defend their national championship, but fell short in the national semi-finals. The season ended in overtime to the hands of Jackson Hole Wyoming.
Pioneers won the Gibson Cup for the fourth straight season. After 3 consecutive sweeps over Calumet in Gibson Cup play, they were taken to the third game when Tom Wesa lit the lamp three times for a 6-3 game 3 win.
Pioneers were unable to repeat as GLHL regular season champs, but did win the playoff championship for the third consecutive season.


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Season record: xx-xx-xx




2000-01 Portage Lake Team
GLHL Regular Season Champions
Gibson Cup Champions
Runner Up in Nationals
2000-01PLPioneers.jpg (82330 bytes)

Standing L-R:  Cathy Lucchesi (Team Mgr), Chuck Johnson (Eqpt Mgr), Bob Brunet (Eqpt Mgr),
Casey Hagbo (Def), Buster Roberts (Fwd), Lee DeForge (Fwd), Cory Markham (Fwd), Randy Stevens (Fwd), Matt Lewis (Dfs), Rod Markham (Fwd), Dan Juopperi (Dfs), Brendan Ollanketto (Fwd), Jeff Mikesch (Coach)
Kneeling L-R: Jeff Addler (Goal), Bryan Juopperi (Dfs), John Pietila (Fwd), Jim Baroga (Eqpt Mgr), Mark Chegwedden ??? (Dfs)  , Craig Biekola (Fwd), Jeremy Rintala (Fwd), Mike Hauswirth (Fwd), Jeff Markham (Goal) 
 Missing: Jamey Markham (Dfs), Jon French (Dfs)

Season record: xx-xx-xx

Portage Lake Pioneers

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Season record: xx-xx-xx

Portage Lake Pioneers

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Season record: xx-xx-xx

Portage Lake Team
Gibson Cup Champions
2003-04PLs.jpg (102337 bytes)
Standing L-R: Chuck Johnson, Ross Chawanski, --?, Trent Daavatilla, Aaron Koskela, Craig Biekkola, Jamie Markham, Rod Markham, Dan Juopperi, Ted Sturos, John Pietala, Doug Wessa.
Kneeling L-R: Tyler Sarazin, Jerrod Moilanen, Jim Broga, Tony Delorenza, Jeff Adler, Cleve Heikkila.
Co-Champs of the Northern Div of Great Lakes Hockey League.
Gibson Cup Winners.
Season Results: 15-5 regular season, 0-2-1 in the Nationals.

2004 Nationals punctuate season of contrasts for area teams

Gazette Writer
The Calumet Wolverines and Portage Lake Pioneers finished up their respective seasons at nationals in Fond du Lac, Wis., over the weekend.
Neither team was able to advance — the Pioneers went 0-2-1 with a 5-5 tie against Mosinee, and the Wolverines went 1-2, beating Minneapolis 6-4 in the opening game of the tournament.
In regular season play, the Pioneers shared the title in the Northern Division of the Great Lakes Hockey League with a 15-5 mark. The Wolverines finished at 9-11 and in second in the Northern Division behind the Pioneers.
“It was a struggle for us this season,” Wolverines’ assistant coach Roger Rintala said. “We really had our ups and downs. It was a year of growth for the team.”
As in past seasons, each team had to deal with the loss of players from the previous season.
The Wolverines especially had to deal with a high turnover ratio this season.
“We were very young this year,” Calumet forward Bruce Coppo Jr. said.
Despite the disappointment at nationals this year, Pioneers’ forward Craig Biekkola thought that the team had a good year.
“We tied for first in the league, and we won the Gibson Cup,” Biekkola said. “We had a pretty fast team this year. We were skilled offensively, and we had good goaltending this year.”

— For a complete version of this story, please see the print edition of The Daily Mining Gazette. 7 April 2004

Portage Lake Pioneers
Gibson Cup Champions
National Champions!!

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Season record: xx-xx-xx

Portage Lake Pioneers
Gibson Cup Champions!

need names in order here:
Ted Sturos, John French, Rodney Markham, Dan Juopperi, John Daavettila, Tyler Sarazin, Scott Raisanen, Aaaron Koskela, Jerrod Moilanen, Trent Daavettila, Jake Dunstan, Pat McCarthy, Charlie Turner, Brad Howard, Ross Rinkinen, Jeff Haaapuro, Ryan Greenley, Jamey Markham, Ryan Sarazin, Tony Zingrone, Pete Kolasa, Matt Hughes, Jason Moilanen, Dave Joynt.

Season record: xx-xx-xx

Portage Lake Pioneers

Back Row L to Rt: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (way back), 8, 9, 10, 11.
Middle Row L-Rt: Cathy Lucchesi -Mgr, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
Kneeling L-Rt: 1,2,3 (way front), 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

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Season record: xx-xx-xx


Portage Lake Pioneers

Back Row L-Rt: Dema -eq mgr, Bob Brunet -eq mgr, Chuck Johnson -eq mgr, Cathy Lucchesi -GM, Ross Rinkinen, Brad Howard, Dan Juopperi, Jeff Haapapuro, Jason Porkka, Justin Buzzo, Jerrod Moilanen, Tyler Sarazin.
Kneeling L-Rt: Jared Detrick, Scott Perkins, Jim Barrago -eq mgr, Charlie Turner, Roger Lewis, Chad Laajala, Aaron Koskela, Ryan Greenley.
not pictured: Bill Melchiori -coach, Pat McCarthy, Karl Maki, Trent Daavettila, Ryan Sarazin, Tim Jaska.

Regular Season stats: -------
Photo by Connie Julien

Portage Lake Pioneers
Gibson Cup Winners!

Standing L-Rt: Bob Brunet -Eq Mgr, Phil Raffaelli, Jason Porkka, Tyler Sarazin, Chuck Johnson -eq mgr, Jeff Haappapuro, Steve Daavettila, Pat McCarthy, Josh Koskela, Joe Beudry, Pete Heinonen, Louis Braun and Jared Detrick -goalie.
Kneeling L-Rt: Scott Wesa, Evan Kangas, Charlie Turner, Jim Barroga -Eq Mgr, Ryan Markham, Roger Lewis, Craig Mayworm -goalie.

Regular Season stats: 15-10-1
Photo by Connie Julien

Portage Lake Pioneers

Standing L-Rt:
Kneeling L-Rt:

Regular Season stats: --------
Photo by Connie Julien

Portage Lake Pioneers

Regular Season stats: --------
Photo by Connie Julien

2011-12 2012-13
Portage Lake Pioneers
Gibson Cup Winners!
Portage Lake Pioneers
Gibson Cup Winners!
Standing left-rt: 1, 2, 3, Tim Viola, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (helmet), 10, 11, 12, Blake Miller, 14
Knelling in front Lt-rt: 1 goalie, 2, 3, 4, 5, Ryan Greenly, Brady Olson, 8 goalie

Players: Brett Beudry, Ted Pietila, Ty Sarazin, Mike Stevens, Hunter Rajala, Robert Larson, Dan Joupperi, Ryan Sullivan, Charlie Turner, Zach Hill, Brett Hauswirth, Cody Sivonen, Trevor Givens, Peter Rouleau, Davy Sproule, Alex Roy, Jay Pietila, Aaron Sturos, Tom Love, Brett Pietila, Kyle Scheck, Carl Asiala, Mike Madosh

Regular Season Stats: 16-4-0
Gibson Cup won 7-6 & 5-1
Photo by Connie Julien March 2015


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Table of Contents:

Here is an article that appeared in the local newspaper, the Daily Mining Gazette when the Portage Lake team celebrated their 100 anniversary:

" 12/31/2002
History revisited

Pioneers old, new celebrate 100 years

Daily Mining Gazette, Houghton, MI  Writer

A lot of great hockey has been played in the Copper Country over the years.
Michigan Tech and the local high schools have provided many thrills on the ice, but no team has stood the test of time like the Portage Lake Pioneers.
The 2002-03 season marks season No. 100 for the Pioneers (formerly the Flyers), a team that has become a fixture in Houghton and to the surrounding area.
“I think the team is a big part of the community,” said Portage Lake general manager Cathy Lucchesi. “I think that people that are from around here are very familiar with them. Just the fact that we have kept it going this long is an accomplishment.”
The Pioneers welcomed back several former players Sunday at Dee Stadium for a game against the Calumet Wolverines, a game that ended in a 4-1 Portage Lake victory.
The gathering gave a chance for current and former players to discuss hockey and talk about old times.
“It was great to see some of the old guys,” said Bob Hauswirth, a member of the Pioneers in 1954-57 and again for the 1960-61 campaign. “I saw quite a few of the guys wandering around the rink.”
Hauswirth played on the team in the years he attended high school before moving on to play at Michigan Tech, and said he appreciates having had the opportunity to play with some of the all-time great players from the area.
“As a young kid in high school, getting to play with the Bukovich brothers (Joe and Tony)...it was really big for us,” Hauswirth said. “There was also Paul Coppo, who was an All-American at Tech, and Tony played with the Detroit Red Wings. It was quite an honor just having the opportunity to play with them. They were the ones that coached us and helped us and sent quite a few of us on to college hockey.” One hundred years is a long time, long enough to surprise even some current members of the Pioneers with the history of their team."

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