South Range Hockey Teams
from South Range, Michigan

South Range

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  19-- need date
South Range Midgets
SoRangeVFWmidgets19--nb.jpg (81826 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Paul Walikkainen, Tony Datto, Edmond Hiltunen, William Latvala, John
Ylitalo, "Mert" Rautio, Jim Taavola, David Buckovich, Jim Mallila
Front Row L-R: Paul Stimac, Ron Katalin, Donald Hawk, Roger Maki, Floyd Kolemainen, Coach
Joe Katalin
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19-- need date
South Range Rangers
PeeWee Champs of So. Div.
& Mort Croze Cup Winners
SoRangeRangersPWChampMortCrozeCup.jpg (120294 bytes)
Upper Row L-R: Joe Katalin -Coach/Mgr, Richard Raffelli, Douglas Salmi, James Morin, James Antonen, Clyde Hyttinen, Edward Hagwell.
Lower Row L-R: Tom Rautio, Tom Geborkoff, Larry Hansen, Roger Juntunen, Dennis Lorenz.
South Range Rangers, Juniors
SouthRangeRangersJr1955.jpg (129255 bytes)
Top Row L-R: Joseph Katalin -Coach/Mgr, Allen Norkol, Gerald Marttila, Clyde Hiltunen, Rubeun Paavola, Robert Norkol?, Bruce Ponga, Robert Anderson, Rodney Paavola (1960 Olympic team member).
Kneeling L-R: John Stemberger, Paul Stone, Joseph Raffaelli, Rudolph Saatio, Eddie Mattson, Martin Rautio, Jack Kolehmainen. 

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