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The MacNaughton Cup

MacNaughtonCup_s.jpg (71661 bytes)
The 40 pound Silver MacNaughton Cup 
cost $2,000 when purchased in 1913.

MacNaughton Cup Winners

The Univ North Dakota Fighting Sioux men's hockey team claimed the WCHA championship &
  MacNaughton Cup with a 5-1 win over Michigan Tech on March 5, 2004.
March 1940
Future Player in MacNaughton Cup
MacNaughtonCup&BabyMarch1940.jpg (70290 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Fred & Ruth Ruelle


1913 James MacNaughton, then Superintendent of the Calumet and Hecla Mining Company, pictured here in 1901, was an avid supporter of amateur ice hockey; he funded the purchase of a cup trophy  "price didn't matter" by the American Hockey Association to present to the Association's Championship team at the end of the season. The "MacNaughton Cup" as it is called, was made of pure silver, stands nearly three feet high (31") and weighs almost 40 pounds. It's purchase price was $2,000.  An announcement about the impending purchase of this cup in the local paper in 1913:

The Cup was first won by the Cleveland Ohio Athletic Club, and remained with the American Hockey Association from 1914 until 1932. From 1933 to 1950, the Cup was played for only by semi-pro and intermediate hockey clubs in the Copper Country (in Michigan's Western Upper Peninsula) In 1951, MacNaughton's daughter and son in law, Mr. & Mrs. Endicott R. Lovell, arranged that the Cup be donated to the newly formed Western Intercollegiate Hockey League (WIHL) by the Calumet and Hecla Company. E.R. Lovell was president of the C&H Company at the time and an avid supporter of amateur ice hockey.  The WIHL, composed of Michigan Tech, Colorado College, Denver, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota and North Dakota, awarded the trophy to its regular season champion until the WIHL was disbanded in March, 1958. After no league play the following season, the seven teams resumed formal competition in the 1959-60 season under the new name Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) and awarded the Cup to the regular season champion from 1960 to 1982. (In 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1965 the Cup went to the WCHA's playoff champion.)  Michigan Tech left the WCHA for the 1981-82 season and joined the Central Collegiate Hockey Association they took the MacNaughton Cup with them and presented it to the CCHA's regular season winner. When Michigan Tech returned to the WCHA in the 1984-85 season, the Cup returned to WCHA also, as Michigan Tech is the trustee of the MacNaughton Cup, the most historic trophy in college hockey. Michigan Tech has won the MacNaughton Cup seven times. 

James MacNaughton in 1901

MacNaughton Cup in 1914


From the WCHA webpage: 
The Western Collegiate Hockey Association's trophy case includes the MacNaughton Cup, one of the most historic and valuable sports trophies in the world.  Michigan Tech University is the trustee for the MacNaughton Cup, named after a local born businessman, James MacNaughton, who donated the Cup.

The striking MacNaughton Cup, a magnificent 90 -year-old trophy, is the much sought-after prize awarded to the Western Collegiate Hockey Association -WCHA regular season champions. It is a trophy that equates with consistency, team work, and outstanding play throughout the course of the season.

The MacNaughton Cup, which stands nearly three-feet high and weighs some 40 pounds, is hand crafted of pure silver.

The Cup has been in existence and associated with amateur hockey in America since 1914. It has traveled a long and winding road since its initial purchase in 1913 by the Calumet (MI) and Hecla Mining Company, but officially settled into a home with the WCHA in 1951.

In 1913, James MacNaughton, then president of Calumet and Hecla, Inc. and an avid supporter of amateur ice hockey, authorized the president of the American Hockey Association to purchase a cup--he said the price didn't matter--and present it to the Association's championship team at the end of the season. The first winner, incidentally, was a team from the Cleveland (OH) Athletic Club.

The MacNaughton Cup remained with the American Hockey Association until 1932.
From 1933 to 1950, the Cup was fought for only by semi-pro and intermediate hockey aggregations in Michigan's Copper Country.

MacNaughtonCup1935-36winner_s.jpg (73571 bytes)
This is a fragile Copper foil presentation from the Painesdale AC to the Calumet Aristocrats 
"Upper Peninsula Hockey Champions & Winners of the MacNaughton Trophy"

Then in 1951, the prized cup was donated by Calumet and Hecla, Inc., through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Endicott R. Lovell, to the newly-founded Western Intercollegiate Hockey League. Lovell, president of the company at that time and son-in-law of James MacNaughton, was another ardent supporter of amateur ice hockey and was the student manager of the Michigan Tech team in his undergraduate days.

The Western Intercollegiate Hockey League, a forerunner of the WCHA, chose--in the original spirit--to award the trophy to its regular season champion. At that time, the WIHL consited of Michigan Tech, Colorado College, Denver, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

The MacNaughton Cup remained a part of the WIHL until it was disbanded in March, 1958 for one year. There was no league play in 1958-59 (though most of the WIHL teams played home-and-away schedules). But in 1959-60, the seven original WIHL teams resumed formal competition under the new name of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association.

Up until the 1981-82 season, the Cup was awarded to the WCHA's regular season champion--with the exception of 1962, 1963, 1964, and 1965 when it went to the Association's playoff champion.

When Michigan Tech University left the WCHA to join the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) on 1981-82, they took the MacNaughton Cup with them and presented it to the winner of the CCHA's regular season championship (Bowling Green in all three years). That situation remained for three years until Tech applied for, and was granted, re-admission into the WCHA--effective with the 1984-85 campaign.

Today, just as beautiful and more sought-after than ever, the storied MacNaughton Cup awaits its next winner.

indicates the team name is on the Cup itself  
 # indicates the team name is on metal plates on a separate plaque
Year                Team

Champions of the American Hockey Association AHA
1914               Cleveland Athletic Club AHA  #
1915               American Soo Hockey Club AHA  #
1916               St. Paul Athletic Club AHA  #
1917-18-19      (taken out of play until 1920)
1920               Canadian Soo Athletic Club AHA  #
1921               Eveleth Minnesota Hockey Club AHA  #
1922               Canadian Soo Athletic Club AHA  #
1923-23-24-25-26?   (taken out of play until 1926 or 27?)            
1926               Soo Greyhounds AHA  
1927               Calumet Hawks AHA #  (First time the Cup returned to Calumet since it was made)
1928               Calumet Hawks AHA # (
others in the American Amateur Hockey Association at the time were: Marquette Blackhawks, Ironwood Rangers, Portage Lake Wolves, Calumet Hawks)
1929               Ironwood Rangers AHA  #
1930               Hancock Hockey Club AHA  #
1931               Hancock Eagles AHA  #
1932               Soo Bulldogs AHA  #
From 1933 to 1950, the Cup was played for only by semi-pro and intermediate hockey clubs in the Copper Country, in 
Michigan's Western Upper Peninsula

1933               Calumet (Pine Street) Trojans  #
1934               Calumet Wolverine AC  #
1935               Painesdale Athletic Club  #
1936               Calumet Aristocrats  #
1937               Painesdale Panthers Athletic Club  #
1938               Calumet-Laurium Olympics
1939               Portage Lake Elks
1940               Calumet-Laurium Chevs
1941               Soo Indians
1942-1950 (out of circulation until 1950)              
1950               Soo Martins  #
1951               Calumet-Laurium-Keweenaw CLK Radars - Northern Wisconsin-Michigan League

1952            (Portage Lake Pioneers, then out of circulation until 1955 as per a news article)

Western Intercollegiate Hockey League WIHA (regular season Champions)
1952               Colorado College WIHA
1953               University of Minnesota WIHA
1954               University of Minnesota WIHA
1955               Colorado College* WIHA
1956               University of Michigan* WIHA
1957               Colorado College* WIHA
1958               University of Denver* and Univ of North Dakota* WIHA 
1959               No Official League Play This Year 

Western Collegiate Hockey Association WCHA  (regular season Champions:)
1960               University of Denver* WCHA  
1961               University of Denver* WCHA
1962               Michigan Tech University* WCHA (playoff Champion)
1963               University of Denver* WCHA ( playoff Champion)
1964               University of Denver* WCHA ( playoff Champion)
1965               Michigan Tech University* WCHA ( playoff Champion)
1966               Michigan Tech University* WCHA  (regular season Champions:)
1967               University of North Dakota* WCHA
1968               University of Denver* WCHA
1969               Michigan Tech University* WCHA
1970               University of Minnesota* WCHA
1971               Michigan Tech University* WCHA
1972               University of Denver* WCHA
1973               University of Denver* WCHA
1974               Michigan Tech University* WCHA
1975               University of Minnesota* WCHA
1976               Michigan Tech University* WCHA
1977               University of Wisconsin* WCHA
1978               University of Denver* WCHA           
1979               University of North Dakota* WCHA
1980               University of North Dakota* WCHA
1981               University of Minnesota* WCHA

Central Collegiate Hockey Association CCHA  (regular season Champions) 
1982               Bowling Green* CCHA
1983               Bowling Green* CCHA
1984               Bowling Green* CCHA and Minn -Duluth *

Western Collegiate Hockey Association WCHA  (regular season Champions)
1985               University of Minnesota-Duluth* WCHA
1986               University of Denver* WCHA
1987               University of North Dakota* WCHA
1988               University of Minnesota* WCHA
1989               University of Minnesota* WCHA
1990               University of Wisconsin* WCHA
1991               Northern Michigan University* WCHA
1992               University of Minnesota* WCHA
1993               University of Minnesota-Duluth * WCHA
1994               Colorado College* WCHA
1995               Colorado College* WCHA
1996               Colorado College* WCHA
1997               University of Minnesota* tied with North Dakota*  WCHA
1998               University of North Dakota* WCHA
1999               University of North Dakota* WCHA
2000               Wisconsin*  North Dakota (ND not on cup) WCHA
2001               University of North Dakota* WCHA
2002               University of Denver* - WCHA
2003               Colorado College* WCHA
2004               University of North Dakota* WCHA
2005               University of Denver tied with Colorado College -WCHA
2006               University of Minnesota -WCHA
2007               University of Minnesota -WCHA
2008               Colorado College over University of Denver WCHA
2009               University of North Dakota over Wisconsin -WCHA

 PICTURES OF MACNAUGHTON CUP WINNERS: (more pictures to be added in the future)

James MacNaughton, 
of Houghton, Michigan
 purchased the Trophy Cup
Cleveland Athletic Club AHA

need picture here!
American Soo Hockey Club - AHA
"U.S. Champions"
Sault Saint Marie, Michigan

Top Row L-Rt: William "Pud" Hamilton -Coach, Elgin Troyer -Trainer, A.L. Fergurson -Mgr, Hugh "Muzz" Murray -Capt., Dave Lee -Director.
Middle Top Row L-R: Melvin Peppin -Spare, W. Billy Wilson -R.Wing, Levi Godin -Rover, Cliff Elliott -Point.
Middle Bottom Row L-R: Roy Hill -R.Wing, Roy Thompsett -L.Wing, Zickie Tallion -Goal, Billy Coutu -Centre.
Bottom (squares) L-R: Jimmie Ryan -Director, W.L. Murdock -Director, C.E. Chipl-- -Treas.
 Photo courtesy of R. John Godin
  1926-27 Calumet Hawks
MacNaughton Cup Champs

need players identified in above picture.
According to the 13 January 1927 Daily Mining Gazette, players on the Calumet Hawks team were:
Gherna Goal, Lanksbury RD, O'Connell LD, Koski C, Hall LW, Young Koski RW, Fink Fd, W. Peterson Fd.
Photo courtesy of Paul Lehto
1927-28 Calumet Hawks
MacNaughton Cup Champs
CalumetHawks1927-28Champs&MacNaughtonCup s.jpg (91134 bytes)
Standing L-R: Fred O'Connell -player/coach, Ben Borchrevink -secr/tres, Paul Adam Sellers, Fred Martin -Pres., Waino Koski, Mickey Rautiola -publicity, Alex Cameron -trainer, Dr. A.C. Roche -team doctor.
Seated L-R: Wesley Koski, Bif Ranger, Harold Lanksbury, Buster Courtney -goal, Jim Crompton, Frank Steele, Wee Young.

"Referees were: Cub Haug, Elmer Socotte, Jack Mahan; the League included Marquette Blackhawks, Ironwood Rangers, Portage Lake Wolves and Calumet Hawks playing 16 games.
They used a brass bell instead of a whistle, one ref and goal judges who stood behind the nets.
Tickets were at a premium,
being sold out in 20 minutes!"

Hancock Hockey Club
Champs of AHL 
MacNaughton Cup Champs
HancockChampsAHL&MacNaughtonCup1929-30.jpg (110709 bytes)
Top Row L-Rt: H.F. Westcott -Vice Pres, M.I. Joffee -Vice Pres, F.J. Rogers Secr-Tres, A.J. Gale -Pres, George M. Hocking -Vice Pres Mgr, F.J. Ruppe -Vice Pres.
Middle Left: J. Johnson -LW, Samuele Kokko -Capt-Center, O. Gorman LD.
Middle Rt: Syd Polhill -Center, H. Shantz -Goal, William Oddson -LW.
Bottom L-Rt: Joe Abb -Trainer, R. Curly Kolehmain -RW, W. A. McGregor -RD, W Keiterbourne -RW.

HancockHC1929-30Champs_s.jpg (109080 bytes)
Standing L-R: J Abb -Trainer, W Kelterbourne -RWing, O Gorman -LDef, W MacGregor -RDef, W. Oddson -LW, George Hocking -Mgr.
Seated L-R: R Kolehmain -RWing, S Polhill -Center, H Shantz - Goal, S Kokko -Capt/Center, J Johnson -LWing.
Hancock Eagles Hockey Club
Michigan State Champs -AAU, AAHA
Winners of MacNaughton Cup
HancockEagles1930-31 nbs.jpg (165737 bytes)
Top Row Lt to Rt: T.S. Sawyer -Secy, R.K Vieser -V.Pres., A.R. Renthaster -Pres., G.M. Hocking -Mgr, J.M. Turk -Tres., J.W. Abb -Trainer.
Middle 6 Lt: Arne A. Riutta -L.Wing and H.F. Latva -Center, F.R. Conway -Goalie, Rt Row: Emil Riutta  -L.Wing & Capt., E.R. Klingbeil -L.Def, and  D. Tesen -R.Wing.
Bottom 4 Lt to Rt: G.H. Barkkila -L.Wing, J.A. Mustonen -R.Def, Toivo A. Riutta -R.Wing, R. Barkkila -Center 
Wolverine Athletic Club
UP Champions
Hawk & MacNaughton Cup Champs

Standing L-R: Tarmo (Tada) Lamminaho, Dick Tulppo, Earl Sieghman -center, Uno (Younks) Lehto -mgr, Laurence Rost -center, Edwin (Scot) Tulppo -coach, Carl (Kaye) Kopsi -RW, Rieno (Popeye) Lamminaho -mascot.
Seated L-R: Wilbert Koopika -RW, Gordon Kingstrom -LW, Wilbert (Winks) Jarvis -def, Fred Fritz Johnson -goal, Fernando (Chunka) Bieti -def & Coach, Into (Sambo) Lehto -Def, Wilbert Bieti LW.

defeated Marquette for the McN Cup.


PainesdaleAC1935MacNCupSrAmateurChamp_p1s.jpg (81017 bytes)

Painesdale Athletic Club
UP Champions
Winners of MacNaughton
Francisco Cup Champs
Painesdale1934-35Champ_s.jpg (104220 bytes)
Back Row L-R: W. Bill Juntunen, Ed Sivonen, John Markovich, Reino Kayhko, Ensio Juntunen, W. "Liddy" Kohlemainen.
Middle L-R:  F. Cole -Pres of Club, W. "Bingo" Miettanen, M. "Toots" Trethewey, Tony Zager, Ed Lindstrom. W. Bill Gerrick Mgr & Coach.
Front L-R: Tony Bukovich, Wilt "Spider" Tretheway, Frank Mihelich, W. Bud Sivonen, Rudy Carl Lindstrom.

Calumet Aristocrats
MacNaughton Cup Champs

Back Row L-R: Unknown -Team Mgr, Harold Lanksbury, "Poika" Elwood Dahl, "Puppy" Frank Gresnick, Willard Little, Jasper Murphy, "Coco" Esau -Trainer.
Front Row L-R: Barley Carlson, Bobbie Koivuniemi, "Butler" Arvo Mackey, Chet Berryman, "Abba" Al Maniko, Joe Savini -Coach, "Frenchy" Al Huot.

please contact the webmaster if you know the team mgr's name top row.

1936-37 Painesdale
Upper Peninsula Champs
MacNaughton Cup Winners
PainesdaleAC1936-37 s.jpg (211927 bytes)
Top Row L to R: James Combellack, Pres.; Ed Sivonen, Coach; Milton Trethewey, Mgr.
Middle Row: Rudolph Lindstrom, LtWing; William Juntunen, RtWing; Peter Kosovac, Center; Reino Kayhko, LtDef; Ensio Juntunen, RtW; Wilbert Koopika, RtW; Mike Bukovich, LtW.
Front Row: Martin Iskra, RtDef; Joe Bukovich, Center; Frank Mihelich, Center; Wilton Trethewey, Goal; C. Mantz, RtDef; E. Pippo, RtW; Tony Bukovich, LtW.

Calumet Laurium Olympics
Michigan State A.A.U. Champs
MacNaughton Cup Winners!
Calumet Olympics COL team.jpg (168843 bytes)

Standing L-R: Raymond Peterson -Center,   Ray Raade -Defense,   Jasper Murphy -Defense   Frank (Puppy) Gresnick -Center,  Willard Little -Defense, Ralph Lamuth -Forward,   Robert Rader -Trainer. 
Seated L-R: Martin Birk -Goal,   George (Horshy) Koivuniemi -Forward ,  Elwood (Poika) Dahl -Forward,   Albert L. (Frenchy) Huot -Forward,   Wilho Mackey -Manager,  Larry Mackey -Mascot,   Joe A. Savini -Coach,   John Whittaker -Forward,   Al Maniko -Defense,   Chet Berryman -Goaltender.

This team won the Michigan State A.A.U. championship and the MacNaughton Cup which is in the picture.
Photo courtesy Bob Erkkila

Portage Lake Team
MacNaughton Cup Champs
Gibson Cup Champs
1938-39 Portage Lakes Elks Champs.jpg (69546 bytes)
Top Row Left: J.R. Abb -Trainer, M.I. Joffee -Business Mgr, R.C. Harrington -Sec'y-Tres, W.J. Smith -Chairman, F.J. Yeip -Manager, G.C. Siller -Asst Mgr.
2nd row: G. Teele -Forward, E. Murray -Goal, E. Klingbeil -Capt-Def, F. Ingram -Coach-Forward.
3rd row: J. Rozinka -Def, E. Juntunen -Def.
4th bottom row: J. Stack -Forward, R. Kohlman -Forward, I. Stalker -Forward, J. Stobel -Asst Trainer, D. Bladnick -Forward, W. Kananen -Forward, B. Ruelle -Forward.

Soo Indians League Champs
MacNaughton Cup Champs
Gibson Cup on right
Harry B Kemp trophy on left
SooIndiansChamps1940s s.jpg (103206 bytes)
Calumet-Laurium Chevs

Presenter =?,
John Whittaker, Coach Joe Savini, --?, Jimmy Madigan, Geo. Koivuniemi, Al Huot, Al Maniko.
Photo courtesy of Bob Erkkila.
1950s 1950-51
CLK Radars
Champions of Northern Wisc-Mich Hockey League
Winner of MacNaughton Trophy (left)
 and Doc Gibson Trophy (right) 

Standing L-R: Bucky O'Connor -Trainer, "Kegga" J. Dahlgren, Don Nicholls, Enku Kemp, Puppy Frank Gresnick, Gordie Jaaskelainen, W. Bill Randa, G. Mort Wiinamaki, "Burr" Bert Spreitzer -Coach/Mgr.
Seated L-R: Reuben Parske, John Whittaker, Pete Lehto, Frank "Zalla" Sotlich -Goalie, Whitey Juopperi, Merv Paulson, Milt Makolin.
Photo courtesy of Paul Lehto.
Portage Lake Team
MacNaughton Cup Champs
Gibson Cup Champs
1951-52PortageLakeGibsondinner s.jpg (43688 bytes)
Dinner at the Douglas House in Houghton
Lt to Rt: Jim Taddeucci, Jackie Ruelle, Bill O'Brien, Bob Koskela, Joe Bukovich, Pat Nevens, Tony Bukovich, flowers in Gibson Cup, Winks Gundlach, Mike Bukovich, Arlen "Gumps" Juntunen, Fran Lowney, Jim Shetney, Lock Sahumacher, Fred Welch, Bernie Ruelle, Mike Siller, Tim Doyle.


Minnesota Golden Golphers
MacNaughton Cup Winners

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