Houghton Angels Ice Hockey Team
in Houghton, Michigan


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1973 was the inaugural year for the local women's Houghton Angles Hockey Team. Their first coach was .... Their home ice was the Dee Stadium. The team consisted of girls age 12 to18 from Houghton, Hancock, Chassell, South Range, Dollar Bay and surrounding areas in Upper Michigan. They played for ? seasons 1973-?? against local women's teams from Calumet, Pelkie and L'Anse as well as teams from lower Michigan and Canada.   Houghton Angels took home the first trophy in 1977 in the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association - State Competition, Michigan 'Teen B' Division - State 'Runner Up'. In 1977 they also took Runner Up in the McDonalds of Canada - Sudberry, Ontario -  Tournament 'Runner -Ups';  they took Runner Up in the State Championship game, loosing the game in the last second.

Lori (Wakeham) Geshel from South Range, who played on the team from 1976-80, relates that "We played against girls teams from Calumet and Pelkie, lower Michigan and Canada. Because Pelkie used pond water to flood, we were able to see frozen minnows in the ice at the Pelkie rink.  We also traveled downstate to lower Michigan and to Canada."

Sue Johnson from Houghton?, a member of the team for 7 seasons, relates:  "There was an old standing joke in Allen Park, Michigan, among other Girl Hockey teams, when the Houghton Angels come to town, make sure your blades are sharp - with the comment by a few parents, 'the Houghton Angles' can't be 'bridesmaids' forever!   Unfortunately, that is where we ended our careers. As our final attempt at the State Championship, sent us home one more time defeated - loosing it the last second of the game."

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1975-76? House or Travel team?
Angels1976-77Houghtonteam.jpg (105576 bytes)
Back Row L to R: ... need names here

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House Team
AngelsHouseTeam unkn yr s.jpg (122284 bytes)
Back Row L to R: Beth Rodeheffer, Joyce Puuri.
Middle Row L-R: Paul Tussing -Coach, Gerry Ervast, Lisa Katalin, unknown, Lisa Miller, Laurie Stevens
Seated L-R: Kelly Hayrynen, Gail Rintala, Debbie Erickson, Karla Rintala, Penny Tussing, Kim Mattson, Kitty Gerich

1977-78 UP Women's Champs
AngelsTravelTeam1978UPChamps s.jpg (167771 bytes)
Back Row L to R: Coach Paul Tussing, Coach Brian McLean, Kelly Itoney, Sherri Boyce, Brenda Itoney, Tammy Bakkila, Laura Puska.
Sitting: Julie Bingham, Dennece Datto, Kelly Hayrynen, Chris Bingham, Colleen Rajala. 
missing: April Karvonen.

1977-78? State Runners Up
Class B Travel Team
Houghton Angels
Angels team 2nd in States.jpg (124881 bytes)
Back Row L to R: Patty Markham, Sue Manderfield. 
Middle: Coach Paul Tussing, Coach Pat Tussing, Cherri Daato, Cheryl Vencato, Jane Markham, Asst Mgr Sandy Vencato, Coach Brian McLean.
Sitting Lt to Rt: Terry Bussiere,  Lori Wakeham, Wendy Paulson, Dorothy Daavettila, Carrie Paulson, Pauline Miller, Tracy Hagwell.
missing from photo: Lauri Engman, Cheryl Ruohonen.

Houghton Angels Girls Hockey Team 1976-77
Tracy  Hagwell
Terry Bussiere
Laurie Engman
Dorothy (Daavettila) Ruohonen
Cheryl Ruohonen
Patty (Markham) Peterson
Cheryl Vencato
Lori Miller
Cathy Leddy
Sue (Manderfield)
Wendy Paulson
Lori (Wakeham) Geshel 
Cherri Datto
Carrie Paulson
Pauline Miller
Joyce Puuri
Jane (Markham) Hietala
Leona Honkavaara
Shelly Ruohonen
Paula Heikell
Coaches : Paul Tussing, Brian McLean, Pat Tussing
Sponsor : Jim Vencato (Jim's Foodmart)
Assistant Mangaer:  Sandy Vencato
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1978-79 Youth Team
Angels1978-79youth s.jpg (112569 bytes)
Back Row L to R: 1, 2,

Ann Ralinovski, 4, 5, Coach Pat Tussing.
Seated L-R: Janelle Juntonen, 2, 3, Ruth Otto, 5, 6, 7.

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1978-79 House Team
Angels1978-79House s.jpg (123554 bytes)

Top Row L to R: Kelly Itoney, Sherry Boyce, Tammy Bykkonen.
2nd row L to R: Cheryl (Vince) Vencato -Asst. Beth Rodeheffer, Brenda Itoney, Debbie Erickson, Lisa Miller, Laurie Stevens, Pat Tussing  -Coach.
Front Row L-R: Chris (Bingham) Abramson, Penny Tussing, Jodi Hannon, Lisa Katalin, April Karvonen, Laura Puska, Kitty Gerich.

1978-79 Travel Team
Houghton Angels
Angels1978-79travel s.jpg (116080 bytes)
Back Row L to R: Cherri Datto, Sue Manderfield.
Middle: Coach Paul Tussing, Asst. Mgr. Sandy Vencato, Jane Markham, Cheryl (Vince) Vencato, Coach Pat Tussing, Coach Brian McLean.
Sitting Front: Tracy Hagwell, Karla Rintala , Pauline Miller, Lori Wakeham, Shelly Ruohonen, ? Lisa Katalin


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