Copper Country Hockey History

The Birthplace of Organized Professional Hockey! 

in Michigan's Western Upper Peninsula

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Sept 2004



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Planning the Event

HockeyPlanning3.JPG (50772 bytes)
Planning committee expanded as the event grew closer to include:
Standing L-R: Jo Urion -Keweenaw National Park, Dave Nordstrom -MTU/SDC, Connie Julien -Local Hockey Historian, Scott MacInnes -Houghton City Mgr, Chris Roy -MTU/SDC, Dave Fischer -MTU Athletic Press Dir. 



 At Left cont'd:

Seated L-R: Mark Maroste -MTU Alumni & Game Coordinator, Gerry Sullivan -MTU Alumni & Vintage Hockey Collector, Mark Alborn -Dee Mgr, Bill Sproule -MTU Prof & IHL Historian.

CentFlyer304.jpg (167932 bytes)
This Flyer was made for the Event

GHowe&HockeyPlanners.JPG (46146 bytes)
Planning committee from Left:
Scott MacInnes -Houghton City Mgr, Mark Ahlborn -Dee Mgr, Connie Julien -Local Hockey Historian, with Gordie Howe, Gerry Sullivan -MTU Hockey Alumni & Hockey Collector.

Dee4s.jpg (104815 bytes)
Mural was designed and painted on the Dee Stadium in time for the Event 
(painted by Keweenaw Krayons)

DeeSign.JPG (47482 bytes)
Welcome Sign put up at the Dee

gameSign.JPG (51041 bytes)
Game Sign put up in town

Hockey Exhibits at the Dee Stadium

Ralph&Photos.JPG (50504 bytes)
Pictorial Historian and Chief of Police, Ralph Raffaeli next to picture of Barney Holden, 
IHL player 1904-07

Scott&JerryM.JPG (57846 bytes)
Jerry & Scott MacInnes, wife and son of the late John MacInnes, "winningest coach in college history" display

BrianLogie.JPG (57991 bytes)
Stick collection of Brian Logie, SIHR member from London
Society of International Hockey Research

CCHockeyHistoryBooth.JPG (41602 bytes)
Copper Country Hockey Historian, 
Connie Julien, webmaster
SIHR member from Houghton

USHHOF_Sersha&Godin.JPG (50128 bytes)
US-HHOF Display:
Tom Sersha -President
Roger Godin -Past Pres US-HHOF

OakieBrumm1.JPG (46746 bytes)
Oakie Brumm & wife:
 coach, player and author 
"They Only Played Home Games"
 & "Wisconsin Hockey News"

Sully1.JPG (54293 bytes)  Sully2.JPG (53236 bytes)  
Gerry Sullivan, MTU player, coach, SIHR member, 
 Hockey Memorabilia Collector

ProgramCollection_Klemet.JPG (49773 bytes)
Hockey Program Collection
Courtesy of Merv Klemet.

HHOF_MichiganTeams.JPG (50581 bytes)
HHOF: Michigan Teams

VideoFans.JPG (48075 bytes)
Continually running video tapes made by the Keweenaw National Historical Park of interviews with local hockey old-timers were a big hit at this Exhibit.
Showing on this video tape is 
Joe Houle's interview.

Slim_McLean.JPG (57087 bytes)
Brian McLean,
Houghton Country Sheriff, 
mans the table for the Ice-Cap Raffle, a fund raiser for the local Superior Child Abuse Prevention Council.

USAHockeyRalphBammert.JPG (61357 bytes)
USA Hockey Exhibit with 
Ralph Bammert, long time local USA hockey board member.

DeeTables1.JPG (55682 bytes)
Hundreds of local hockey pictures to view

Dee1.JPG (64030 bytes)

Dee2.JPG (36396 bytes)

Dee3.JPG (51826 bytes)

Dee4.JPG (52156 bytes)

Dee6.JPG (50623 bytes)

Dee7.JPG (50636 bytes)

Gordie Howe
 signs autographs and drops the puck at the Alumni game

GHowe&Dee2.JPG (49102 bytes)
Gordie Howe arrives at the Dee

GHowe&steps.JPG (56539 bytes)
Gordie arrives at the MacInnes Rink

GordieHoweSign1.JPG (40490 bytes)
Gordie Howe signs Autographs
GordieHoweSign2.JPG (40548 bytes)

GordieHoweSign3.JPG (35942 bytes)

Gordie Howe signs his book for
 Harold Heikkinen
GordieHoweSignHH2.JPG (37559 bytes)

Sully&RalphTicket.JPG (48151 bytes)
Sully & Chief Raffaelli with parking ticket given to vehicle that escorted Gordie Howe. Gerry Sullivan was Howe's escort for the day.

GHowe1.JPG (52382 bytes)

McKayHoweHextall.jpg (31844 bytes)
Gordie Howe with
Randy McKay & Dennis Hextall.

GHowe&Hextal&McKayDropPuck.JPG (35373 bytes)
Gordie Howe at center ice with Dennis Hextall & Randy McKay at the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena in Houghton Michigan Sept 25, 2004
GHoweDropPuck.JPG (52389 bytes)

GHowe2.JPG (43813 bytes)

GHowe3.JPG (39143 bytes)


Alumni Game:
Detroit Red Wings vs Michigan Tech

MTUline.JPG (59707 bytes)
Michigan Tech Line Up

RedWingLine.JPG (59446 bytes)
Red Wings Line Up

FaceOff.JPG (59017 bytes)

RWvsMTUgame3.JPG (61637 bytes)

HuskiesBench.JPG (60384 bytes)
Michigan Tech Husky Bench

RWvsMTUgame1.JPG (57184 bytes)

RWvsMTUgame2.JPG (45963 bytes)

TechScores.JPG (58637 bytes)
Tech Scores on the Red Wings

HandShake1.JPG (59226 bytes)

HandShake2.JPG (57544 bytes)

FinalScore.JPG (67051 bytes)
Final Score: 
Michigan Tech 7, Red Wings 5

RW&MTU1.JPG (64069 bytes)

RW&MTU2.JPG (63105 bytes)
Alumni Game Players

RW&MTU3.JPG (61887 bytes)

The 1904 Amphidrome March was played by the Michigan Tech Pep Band while local youth skated in unison to the music

MarchDancers1.JPG (64998 bytes)

MarchDancers2.JPG (62750 bytes)

YouthDancer.JPG (48872 bytes)
He skated to the 1904 Amphidrome March at the Game between periods 
wearing the Logo of the 
IHL Portage Lake Team 1904-07

Click here to hear the 1904 Amphidrome March Music

This March was composed by Conrad Sagemiller of Laurium for the
World's First  Championship Hockey Team,
the 1904 Portage Lake Team,
from Houghton Michigan.
Michael J. Irish 
of Michigan Tech University prepared this music for the Band to play at this weekend
's event & provided this sound track.

PaulCoppoHonored.JPG (46622 bytes)

Local player, Paul Coppo, recently inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame, is honored by the home crowd.

Local Mites play with the Pros

RW&Mites2.JPG (48103 bytes)

RW&Mites1.JPG (44624 bytes)

RW&Mites3.JPG (44236 bytes)
Mites pose with the Pros

Fans meet the Pros

MeetPlayers1.JPG (74348 bytes)

MeetPlayers2.JPG (70040 bytes)

MeetPlayers3.JPG (69940 bytes)

MeetPlayers4.JPG (74670 bytes)

MeetPlayers5.JPG (67990 bytes)

MeetPlayers6.JPG (62727 bytes)

MeetPlayers7.JPG (67795 bytes)

MeetPlayers8.JPG (71125 bytes)
Society of International Hockey Research meetings

SIHR3.JPG (49423 bytes)
SIHR Meet & Greet Friday evening (some had already left)

HHOF Exhibit at the Centennial
       Dee5.JPG (53525 bytes)

HHOF2.JPG (48935 bytes)

HHOF1.JPG (47340 bytes)

HHOF_Allstars&Milestones.JPG (52431 bytes)
HHOF: All Stars & Milestones

HHOF4StanleyCup.JPG (52174 bytes)

HHOF_Legends.JPG (51652 bytes)
HHOF: Legends

HHOF_Chicago&Detroit.JPG (47360 bytes)
HHOF: Chicago & Detroit

HHOF_NY&Boston.JPG (53411 bytes)
HHOF: New York & Boston

HHOF_Toronto&Montreal.JPG (54481 bytes)
HHOF: Toronto & Montreal

Fans & hockey alumni visit the Exhibit

name 1.JPG (54720 bytes)
The lobby of the Dee Stadium
with Marcus Olson, a three time MVP for Michigan Tech and a member of the Michigan Tech Hockey Hall of Fame; the Olson Rink in Marquette is named after his family of skaters.

USHHOF&Scott.JPG (49492 bytes)
Roger Godin -Past Pres USHHOF, Scott MacInnes -Houghton City Mgr, Tom Sersha -Pres USHHOF

JoeBukovich.JPG (55709 bytes)
The late Joe Bukovich

Sully&Coppo.JPG (49768 bytes)
Gerry Sullivan & local US HHOF inductee Paul Coppo

CarlLindstromHauswirthTonyBukLindstrom&-.JPG (50484 bytes)
Carl Lindstrom, Bob Hauswirth, Tony Bukovich, William Lindstrom, Marc Olson.

CJ_Zamboni.JPG (53479 bytes)
Connie & Cathy show off the
new paint job on the Dee's Zamboni

CathyZamboni.JPG (54139 bytes)


JerseyReplica.JPG (45930 bytes)
Hockey Mom Wearing Vintage Jersey Replica

Radio.JPG (40723 bytes)
Live Radio Broadcast from the Dee Expo

TonyBukovich1.JPG (52409 bytes)
Tony Bukovich
Local Hockey Legend & 
Oldest Living Red Wing Alumni
TonyBukovich2.JPG (46956 bytes)

JimPaull&ConnieJulien.JPG (48694 bytes)
Jim Paull -Wisconsin HHOF member
& Connie Julien
JimPaull.JPG (51186 bytes)
Jim Paull 
& "his" Copper Country Team

youngFans.JPG (59258 bytes)
Young fans enjoyed the hockey exhibits

DanNewmanConnieJulienRobPalmer.JPG (49058 bytes)
Dan Newman, 
Connie Julien (this webmaster), 
Rob Palmer


3Cups_s.jpg (105566 bytes)
The Three Oldest Cups still in use in U.S. Sports History: 
MacNaughton Cup (1914) Stanley Cup (1893) Gibson Cup (1938)

(above cup photo courtesy of Tess Ahlborn)


McN&GibsonCups2.JPG (62579 bytes)
MacNaughton Cup on Left
Gibson Cup on Right.

StanleyCupLine2.JPG (64227 bytes)
Waiting in line to see the Stanley Cup
StanleyCupLine2.JPG (61943 bytes)

StanleyCupLine3.JPG (50195 bytes)

StanleyCupAtDee.JPG (50345 bytes)

The Stanley Cup

StanleyCup&Mark2.JPG (51412 bytes)
Dee Rink Manager with Stanley Cup

StanleyCupDormStyle.JPG (52004 bytes)
The 'Stanley Cup' of the 
Michigan Tech Dorms

Sully&McNCup.JPG (58474 bytes)
MacNaughton Cup & Plaque with previous winners medals. 

Cal_trophy.JPG (40727 bytes)
Calumet Trophies
Cal-trophy.JPG (45952 bytes)

McNCup.JPG (57915 bytes)
MacNaughton Cup

GibsonCup.JPG (40857 bytes)
Gibson Cup

Dee family visits the James R. Dee
Ice Stadium

DeeFamily9.JPG (52130 bytes)

DeeFamily6.JPG (51518 bytes)

DeeFamily8.JPG (50248 bytes)

DeeFamily4.JPG (56030 bytes)  


CentPuck.jpg (40114 bytes)
Wooden Puck:
"Birthplace Of Pro Hockey
    Houghton, Michigan"

CentT-ShCJs.jpg (51881 bytes)
Long Sleeve T's:
100 Years of Hockey

Birthplace Of Pro Hockey
    Houghton, Michigan"

CentCup.jpg (46921 bytes)
Copper Colored Mug:
 "Birthplace Of Pro Hockey
    Houghton, Michigan"

We also have several books by Gordie Howe, Mr. Hockey, remaining from the weekend that Gordie has personally signed! 
The price of this great book is $35, click the button below to pay for this book. 

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