Hancock Hockey Teams
Hancock, Michigan
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1904 Hancock High School
winners of the silver
Amphidrome Cup
& Champions of Michigan 
HancockHS StChamps1904 c.jpg (79995 bytes)
Back Row L to R: Meyers -Mgr; Ellie Waara -center; Joseph Linder -Captain & rover; James Carrigan -point.
Middle Row: John Steinback -RW; John Tamblyn -center point; Black -center; Ed Reid -goal.
Front Row: George Linder -LW, Guilbault -rover.
Season 11 W, 1 L
This 1904 photograph is thought to be the first documented evidence of a black high school hockey player.
The Joe Linder, a high school senior in the above picture and a native of Hancock, went on to be the first American born hockey superstar; he was inducted into the US HHOF in 1975.

Photo courtesy of Houghton County Museum

1904-05 Hancock High School
winners of the Amphidrome Cup &
State Champions
HancockCentralHighs1904-05Champs of NW s.jpg (93766 bytes)

According to the HCH's The Ingot: "The two championship games were won by the scores of 2 to 1 and 3 to 1. By these games Hancock won the Amphidrome Cup and the Championship of the State." 

Contact webmaster if you have names of these players.

Photo courtesy of Houghton County Museum

1906 Hancock High School
1905-06 Hancock Central High
Champions of Michigan
HancockCentralHS1905-06MiStChamp s.jpg (79436 bytes)
Top Row Lt to Rt: Henry Nickila -Point, M.J. Walsh -Mgr., J. Linder -Coach, G. Linder -Center, Wilbur Goldsworthy -R.Wing.
Sitting Middle: Paul Rompf -Point, Clarence Mette -Goal, Will Bogan -Rover, Waara -L.Wing.
Front: Tamblyn -Capt & C.Point, John Pelto -R.Wing. 
missing from photo McLean -Pt.

Season: 12 Wins, 2 Losses
71 scores made by:
21 Linder
21 Waara
11 Pelto
10 Bogan
7 Tamblyn
1 Rompf
All home games played at the Palace Rink.

There was a Second team who were Champions of the Second High School teams of the Copper Country this year again. Players on this Second team were: Pierce -goal & mgr, Wilmot & Watson -Point, Wolfsky Cover Point & Capt, Pelto, Exley & Goldsworthy -Rovers, Maclean -Center, Exley & Pelto -Rt Wing, Weismiller -L Wing.

There was a Junior hockey team in Hancock with "present or former high school players" won the Championship of Northern Michigan with only 3 defeats all season according to HCH's 1906 The Ingot.

No Hancock Teams this year as the Amphidrome company got control of the Hancock Palace Rink and gave it to the Curling Clubs who would not allow skating on the ice surface.

Hancock Hockey Team
Champions of the
Copper Country Hockey League
Hancock1907-08CC_Champs.jpg (83881 bytes)
Standing L-R: Grover J. Lanctot -Trainer, Mike J. Carrigan -L.W. & Sec-Treas, Jay D. Lanctot -Mgr, H. Wilmot -Spare, W. Exley -Spare.
Seated L-R: Paul Rompf -Cover Pt., E. Waara -Spare, F Austin -Goal, Joe Linder -Point Capt., M. Salminen -R.W.
Front: D. Bogan -Rover, Chester Stroud -Center.
(need a better copy of this picture)

Hancock Hockey Team
Champion of the Copper Country Hockey League
(picture in DMG Green Sheet 1968?)
Top Row L-R: Chester Stroud -center, Joseph Linder -point & gaol, Jay D. Lanctot -Mgr, Mike Carrigan -wing & treasurer, Paul Romph -cover pt.
Middle Row L-R: John Salminen -spare, William Bogan -rover, H. Wilmot -trainer, Matt Salminen -rt wing.
Bottom Row L-R: Walter Exley -spare, Ed Monette -goal, Bud Miller -mascot, A. Waara -spare.

Hancock High School

Players: a. Weissmiller -Capt, Jay Coon, Ernest Kotila, Lesslie Wahl, Earl McGlynn, Gillian McLean, Alex Zoya, Walter Bonsal. 
Their season ended in second place.

Hancock High School

Hancock High School

Pennant owned by Jeff Cole.

Hancock High School
HancHS1912s.jpg (84157 bytes)
Gillespie -Rover & Capt, Axelson -Center, E. O'Neil -LW, J. O'Neil -RW, McGlynn -C Pt, Light -Pt, Opie -Goal, Zerbel -Spare.
1912 Games:
HCH 2 - Houghton HS 4
HCH 2 - Calumet HS 1
HCH 1 - Calumet HS 4
HCH 1 - Houghton HS 7
HCH 2 - Dollar Bay HS 4
HCH 2 - Dollar Bay HS 4

1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920. -There was no hockey program shown or listed in the HCH Annual Books.

Hancock High School

Pennant owned by Jeff Cole.


1921 Hancock Central High School
HancHS1921s.jpg (77943 bytes)
Players: R Crawford, T Coughlin, J Thebo, J Crawford, T Trangmar -Capt, J Hicok, A Zurcher, C Messner.
 Hendrickson -Spare, Richards -Spare.
Coached by Francis Williams.

First HCH team since 1912, they played in a 3 team league: Calumet Houghton & Hancock.
HCH vs Houghton: L 1-7
HCH vs Calumet: L 1-2
HCH vs Houghton: T 2-2 (two 10 min OT)
HCH vs Calumet: W 3-1
HCH vs Houghton: L 0-3
Photo & stats HCH 1921 Annual. 

1922 Hancock Central High School
HancHS1922s.jpg (74554 bytes)
Players: Howard Hendricksen -Center, Jack Hicok -Wing, Clyde Messner -Wing, Douglas Gregory -Wing, Joseph Thebo -Def, Tom Caughlin -Capt Def, Jack Crawford -Def, Earl Richards -Goal, Emil Juntenen -Goal.
Coached by Francis "Putsy" Williams.
They played in a 4 team league: Calumet, Sacred Heart, Houghton & Hancock.
HCH vs Calumet: L 1-4
HCH vs Sacred Heart: W 4-1
HCH vs Houghton: L 0-3
HCH vs Calumet: W 5-0
HCH vs Sacred Heart: W 2-1
HCH vs Houghton: L 1-3
Hancock finished Second in league play.
Photo & stats HCH 1922 Annual. 

1923 Hancock Central High School
Copper Country Interscholastic Hockey Trophy
HancockCentralHS1923Champ s.jpg (121465 bytes)
Clockwise from Top: Emil J Juntunen -Goalie, Douglas W Gregory -Def.,  Clyde S Messner -Wing, Howard M Hendricksen -Center,  Schumaker -Coach,  Jack S Hicok -Wing Captain, John T Toivonen -Spare, Jack D Crawford -Def.
Lower Left: Bernard G Orella -Spare
Lower Right: Elof Nyman -Spare
Trophy says: 
"Copper Country Interscholastic Hockey Trophy Donated by Hudson Edgerton? and Alfred Erickson? Posts of The American Legion. Hancock 1923"
HCH at Sacred Heart: W 3-1 in OT
HCH at Houghton: W 6-1
HCH at Calumet: W 2-1
Chassell at HCH: HCH W 7-4 in OT
Sacred Heart at HCH: HCH W 6-3
Houghton at HCH: HCH W 3-1
HCH at Chassell: HCH L 3-4
Calumet at HCH: HCH W 5-2

Photo courtesy of
Houghton County Museum 



1924 Hancock High School
State & Northwest Champions
HancHS1924Champs_s.jpg (76456 bytes)
Top Row L-R: Coach Don Crawford, Gordon Hovinen, Douglas Gregory, Harold Hoffenbacher, Jack Crawford, Douglas Tesen.
Bottom Row L-R: John Conway, George Abramson, John Schneider, William Mason, Arne Riutta, Joseph Ruppe.

Photo Courtesy of 
Houghton County Historical Museum.
  1925 Hancock HS Player
HancHS1925JPRuppeSrs.jpg (30856 bytes)
Joseph P. Ruppe, Sr
Photo courtesy of Joseph Ruppe, Jr

1924-25 Hancock High School
 State Champions
HTeam1925StateChamp s.jpg (79674 bytes)
HancHS1924teamChamps_s.jpg (106824 bytes)
Standing Lt to Rt: Coach Don Crawford, Joseph Ruppe, George Funkey, Emil Riutta, Ardell Condon, Joseph G. Mishica Mishica -Trainer.
Seated L-R: Henry Latva, Bill Mason, Doug Tesen, Foley Conway, John Schneider, Arne Riutta. 
Lower photo courtesy of HCH 1925 Annual

1926 Hancock High School
Co-Champs of the Copper Country
(4th year HCH "figured in the Hockey Championship)
HancHS1926nbs.jpg (60900 bytes)
Standing L-Rt: B.L. Davis -Trainer/Mgr, Ted Mattonen -spare, Earnest "Ikey" Klingbeil -spare, M. "Shorty" Condon -spare (the giant of the team), D. "Baldo"  Rundle -spare, Ray "Doc" Wuopio -Def, Coach Donald Crawford.
Seated: Uno "Bruno" Hill -LDef, Toivo "Doik" Riutta -RW, John Schneider -Center & Capt 2nd semester, Foley "Unc" Conway -Goal, Arnie "Gork" Riutta -L Def & Capt 1st semester (until he graduated), Emil "Cop" Riutta -LW, George "Buzz" Bousu -RDef.
Season Record: 6-1-0; 
37 goals to 5 with 3 Shutouts

HancockHS1926p1s.jpg (83963 bytes)
Top L-Rt: Crawford -Coach, B.L. Davis -Mgr.
Middle: "Gork" Arne Riutta -Capt & L Def, John Schneider -Capt & Center,  G. Bousu -RD.
Bottom: Emil Riutta -LW, Foley Conway -Goal.

HancockHS1926p2s.jpg (79845 bytes)
Top L-Rt: M. Condon -Spare, Uno Hill -LD.
Middle: R. Wuopio -Spare D, T. Riutta -RW, Ted Mattonen -Spare.
Bottom: "Ikey" E. Klingbeil -Spare, D. Rundle -Spare.
1926 photos courtesy of Ann Nutini O'Leary

1925-26 HCH Season:
HCH 1 Houghton 2
HCH 5 at Marquette 1
HCH 10 at Sacred Heart 1
HCH 2 Calumet 1
HCH 3 Houghton 0
HCH 13 Sacred Heart 0
HCH 3 Calumet 0
Tied as Co-Champs with Houghton; they "tried to get a post season series between these 2 teams to decide the Championship, but these hopes did not materialize."

No hockey appeared in the HCH annual.
1928 Hancock High School
HancHS1928team_s.jpg (88036 bytes)

Players include: "Cotton" Elmer Juntunen -wing, "Paza" Earl Matson -Wing & Capt, Theodore Mattonen -center, Paul Hendrickson -center, Clifton Weber -def, Thomas Cavis -def & goal, Arvie Erkkila -goalie, Norman Leiblier (Leiblein) -def, John Jacobson -wing, Edward Sippola -def.
Coach Don Crawford.

please contact webmaster if you can identify the players in the picture.

Season Record: 3-3-0
Jan 11: Hancock 2 - Calumet 7
Jan 27: Hancock 5 - Houghton 2
Jan 31: Hancock 7 - MCM Freshmen 5
Feb 3: Hancock 0 - Houghton 1
Feb 7: Hancock 3 - MCM Freshmen 0
Feb 10: Hancock 0 - Calumet 4

1929 Hancock High School

need picture
HCH missing annual
HCH hockey team did not win a game the 1929 season.
Players: Houle, Crocker, Hendricksen.
Spares: Wekmark, Latva, Richards, Taddeucci.

1930 Hancock High School
HancockHS1930 s.jpg (166323 bytes)
Top Row Lt to Rt: Edgar "Bud" Richards -Rt Def, Edward Maki -Goal, John Houle -center, Wilbert "Bimbes" Savela -wing.
Middle Row: "China" Sicotte?, Charles Dover.
Bottom Row: Eddie Latva, "Bob" Robert Opie.
Spares not pictured: Taddeucci, Wekmark, Cavis.
Photo courtesy of Houghton County Museum

1930 Hancock High School
HancHS1930_s.jpg (113837 bytes)
Need players identified
Photo courtesy HCH 1930 Annual.

Coached by Don Crawford, Home ice: New Amphidrome

January 9: Hancock 0 - Houghton 1
Jan 17: Hancock 0 - Sacred Heart 1
Jan 31: Hancock 0 - Calumet 2
Feb 7: Hancock 0 - Sacred Heart 3
Feb 13: Hancock 1 - Houghton 1 (2x OT)
Feb 28: Hancock 0 - Calumet 6


Hancock Hockey Club
1929-30 Champs of AHL 
& MacNaughton Cup Winners
HancockChampsAHL&MacNaughtonCup1929-30.jpg (110709 bytes)
Top Row L-Rt: H.F. Westcott -Vice Pres, M.I. Joffee -Vice Pres, F.J. Rogers Secr-Tres, A.J. Gale -Pres, George M. Hocking -Vice Pres Mgr, F.J. Ruppe -Vice Pres.
Middle Left: J. Johnson -LW, Samuele Kokko -Capt-Center, O. Gorman LD.
Middle Rt: Syd Polhill -Center, H. Shantz -Goal, William Oddson -LW.
Bottom L-Rt: Joe Abb -Trainer, R. Curly Kolehmain -RW, W. A. McGregor -RD, W Keiterbourne -RW.

HancockHC1929-30Champs_s.jpg (109080 bytes)
Standing L-R: J Abb -Trainer, W Kelterbourne -RWing, O Gorman -LDef, W MacGregor -RDef, W. Oddson -LW, George Hocking -Mgr.
Seated L-R: R Kolehmain -RWing, S Polhill -Center, H Shantz - Goal, S Kokko -Capt/Center, J Johnson -LWing.

1929-30 Hancock HC with MacN Cup
Hancock1929-30_s.jpg (59687 bytes)
L-R: Joe Abb -Trainer, Syd Polhill, O Gorman, Ray Kolehmainen, Sam Kokko, H Shantz, J Johnson, W Oddson, W MacGregor, W Kelterbourne, George Hocking -Mgr, -unk.

1929-30 Hancock Hockey Club
HancockTeam1929-30OutsideDee_s.jpg (86212 bytes)
L-R: H. Shartz, O Gorman, R Kolehmain, S Polhill, W Oddson, W MacGregor, Sam Kokko, J Johnson, W Kelterbourne, Joe Abb -trainer.

1931 & 1932 No hockey appeared in the HCH annual.

1930-31 Hancock Eagles
State Amateur Champions
HancockEagles StateChamps 1930-31 nbs.jpg (147004 bytes)
Standing Lt to Rt: Joseph Abb -Trainer, Henry Latva -Center, John Mustonen -R.Def, Douglas Tesen -R.Wing, Toivo Riutta -R.Wing, Arne Riutta -L.Wing, George Hocking -Mgr.
Seated Lt to Rt: George Barkkila -L.Wing, Ernest Kleinbeil -L.Def, Foley Conway -Goalie, Emil Riutta  -L.Wing & Capt., Rudolph Borkkila -Center. 

please contact webmaster if you have a better copy of this picture.

1930-31 Hancock Eagles Hockey Club
Michigan State Champions -AAU, AAHA
Winners of MacNaughton Cup
HancockEagles1930-31 nbs.jpg (165737 bytes)
Top Row Lt to Rt: T.S. Sawyer -Secy, R.K Vieser -V.Pres., A.R. Renthaster -Pres., G.M. Hocking -Mgr, J.M. Turk -Tres., J.W. Abb -Trainer.
Middle 6 Lt: A.A. Riutta -L.Wing and H.F. Latva -Center, F.R. Conway -Goalie, Rt Row: E. Riutta  -L.Wing & Capt., E.R. Klingbeil -L.Def, and  D. Tesen -R.Wing.
Bottom 4 Lt to Rt: G.H. Barkkila -L.Wing, J.A. Mustonen -R.Def, Toivo A. Riutta -R.Wing, R. Barkkila -Center 

please contact webmaster if you have a better copy of this picture.

1933-34 Hancock Hawks
Champions of Portage Lake Hockey League
Winners of Francisco Trophy
HancHawks1933-34_s.jpg (88753 bytes)
Top Row: A. Laurn -Mascot; J. Stopel -Trainer;  D. Houvinen -R.W.;  J.
Mustonen -Capt. Defense;  Paul Naasko -L.W.;  G. Stipanovich -D.;  Ernie Perram -C.;  A. Laurn -C.;  
Ray Hosking -Manager.
Front Row: A. Harma -L.W.;  L. Ericson -L.W.;  E. Piippo -R. W.;  Wally Jolie
-Goal;  Paul Daavettila -R. W.; E. Maki -C.;  E. Rautio -R.W.

Photo courtesy of Henry Daavettila  

1933-1945 There are no HCH annual books to check for hockey. If you have a copy of any of these missing books, please contact webmaster.


1939-40 Hancock Rangers
Champs of HCHL 
Winners of 
Three Winners Trophy
HancRangers1939-40_s.jpg (99479 bytes)
Top Row L-R: Joe Houle -Coach, R. Naasko -Def, J. Witting -Def, R. Marshall -Manager.
Center Row L-R: L. Peryam -Def, A. Maki -Def, Andrew Wiitanen -Center, R. Keranen -Forward, Alvin Laurn -Def.
Front Row L-R: Arthur Wiitanen -Forward, R. Taddeucci -Forward, Lloyd Roberts -Goal, Paul Daavettila -Forward, E. Kemppainen -Center.
The Laurn-Grove ice rink on Roberts Street in Hancock was named in honor of Alvin Laurn pictured above, and Robert Grove after they died in WWII.
Three Winners was the name of a local store here.)
Jersey worn by Paul Daavettila:
jerseyHancRangers1939-40_s.jpg (38157 bytes)


1946 No hockey was shown in the HCH annual.

Hancock Elks High School Team
HancElksHSage1947nbs.jpg (75926 bytes)
Standing L-R: Lloyd Rautiola* (*CC All Star Team member), Clifton Rautiola, Mr. Albert Lehto, Hubert Tossava, Jim Johnson.
Kneeling L-R: Jim Shetney, Kenneth Koski, Anthony Ozanich.
absent when picture was taken: Kenneth Seppala, Ben Ricchi, Rudy Gemignani, Joe Mitchell, Willie Maki.
"The Elks Club of Hancock again sponsored a Junior League Hockey team. The players were all high school students, and competition was with Keweenaw, Houghton, South Range, Wolverine, and Stanton."
Photo & info HCH 1947 Annual

No hockey was shown in the HCH annual.


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Hancock High School Hockey Teams 1969-present... If you can help find a picture for each of these teams, please contact the webmaster. (annual school pictorials should have them all)

No High School teams

1948 to 1969 -There was no hockey program appearing in the HCH Annual Books.

Check Laurn-Grove Teams for this time period.



1969-70 Hancock High School
HancockHS1969-70 s.jpg (97456 bytes)
Top Row Lt to Rt: Coach Bob Hauswirth, Tom Toutant -stats, Dave Lypsma -Mgr, Don Turnen, Jake Strang, Steve Witting, Paul Jukuri, Dan Fennilli, John Bowen, Rob Johnson, Arnie Piponen, Bob Howe, Larry Turner.
Seated Lt to Rt: Jeff Kangas, Mike Martin, Mark Kilpela, Steve Klinkhammer, Tom Houle, Gary Pykkonen -Capt. 
Season Record: 6W-6L
Finished 3rd in League: Marquette, Houghton, Hancock, Calumet. But beat Hancock to play in the Championship game against Marquette, where they lost the game.
League All Star team picks: Tom Houle, Gary Pyykkonen, Steve Klinkhammer.
Hancock High School Hockey

Hancock High School
League Tourney Champs
need picture!

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Standing L-R: Greg Hokenson, Bob Houle, John Bowen, Dan Foco, Mike Mayra, Steve Grandelis, Pete Suvanto, Tom Forsman, Steve Klinkhammer, Kenny Kangas, Paul Jukuri, Larry Turner.
Kneeling: Byron Hodges, Steve Rouleau, Jeff Kangas -Capt, Mike Tchida, Mark Kilpela, Mike Martin -Alt Capt, Dale Witting, Arne Pipponen, Henry Suvanto.
Head Coach Bob Hauswirth
Asst Coach Rob Roy.
Mrgs: Gary Palmer, John Schrock, Tim Kangas.

Season Record: 5W - 11L
(3 were OT losses)
Playoffs: 2 Wins (over Houghton & Marquette)

Hancock High School
Lake Superior HS Conference Champions

need better copy of this team picture!
HancockHS1971-72nbs.jpg (98711 bytes)
Standing L-Rt: Bob Hauswirth -Coach, Chris Roy, Jon Vehring, Greg Hokenson, Steve Grandelis, Byron Hodges, Mike Mayra, Steve Rouleau, Larry Turner, Paul Jukuri, Henry Suvanto, Dan Bowen, Steve Cybulski, Rob Roy -Assist Coach.
Kneeling L-Rt: Mike Tchida, Arnie Piiponen, John Bowen, Bob Houle -Capt, Steve Klinkhammer -Asst Capt, Pete Suvanto, Tom Forsman, Tim DePuydt, Jay Lanctot.
Season Record 12-4-0
Lost to Houghton 2-3 in Playoffs.
All Conference: 
S Grandelis 1st Team
B Houle HM
Steve Klinkhammer 2nd Team
Arnie Piiponen 2nd Team

Hancock High School
need picture!

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names from school pictorial book

Back Row L-R: Dan Monberg -Mgr, David Osier, Jon Barstow, Steve Halonen, Mike Rouleau, Hank Suvanto, John Tervo, Loyal O'Leary -Mgr.
Middle Row: Jim Peterson, Dan Bowen, Mike Mayra, Dan Foco, Chris Roy, Bill Kimball, Steve Cybulski, John Niemela -Mgr.
Seated: Jay Lanctot, Steve Rouleau, Steve Grandlelis, John Bowen -Capt, Byron Hodges, Arnie Piiponen, Robert Ruelle.
Coached by Doug Hembroff and Rob Roy.
Season Record: 9W - 6L - 1T

Hancock High School
HancockHS1973-74.jpg (81049 bytes)
Top Row L-R: Mark Rule, Dan Bowen, Steve (Weaver) Cybulski, Chris Roy, Mike Rouleau, John Tervo.
Middle Row L-R: Assistant Coach - Doug Hembroff, Manager - Bill Rocchi, Jon Barstow, Bill Kimball, David Osier, Larry Kotila, Steve (Halsey) Halonen, Manager - John (Grass) Grassesschi, 
Head Coach - Paul Heinonen.

Seated L-R: Jay Lanctot, Loyal O'Leary, Steve Rouleau, Steve (Granny) Grandelis, Jim Peterson, Mike Mayra, Bob Ruelle.
Missing from photo: Byron Hodges.
Season Record: 12 W - 8 L   
Photo Courtesy of Loyal O'Leary

Hancock High School
need picture!

Please contact webmaster if you have this picture!

Standing L-R: Charles Anderson -Mgr, John Norkol, Pat Rouleau, Brian Beryman, John Tervo, Dave Ziegler -Mgr.
Middle Row L-R: Coach Paul Heinonen, Dan Vial, Tony Gemignani, Ben Jaehnig, Mark Sohlden, Mike Frenette, Jon Barstow, Brien Ricci, Asst Coach Doug Hembroff.
Seated L-R: Jim Hosking, Bill Kimball, Dan Bowen, Steve Cybulski, Chris Roy, Mike Rouleau, Jay Lanctot.

Season Record: 3 W, 11 L, 3 T
They tied Houghton twice and beat the number one team, Calumet 5-4.

Hancock High School

Back Row L-R: Bob Lang, Brian Salani, Michael Rouleau, Brien Ricci, Pat Rouleau, Brian Berryman, Jeff Rouleau, Steve Halonen, Kevin Koski.
Middle Row L-R: Mike Fernette -Mgr, Tony Gemignani, Mark Grandelis, Mike Mitchell, John Norkel, Roger Kyllonen, John Sintkowski, Joe Houle -Asst Coach, Doug Hembroff, Paul Heinonen -Coach.
Kneeling L-R: Mark Manderfield, Russ Kyllonen, Mark Rule, John Healy, Steve Koski, Boyd Paavola, Bob Ruelle.
missing Charles Anderson -Mgr.
included a 3 bro combo: the Rouleau's
Season Record: 7 W, 11 L, 0 T
Hancock High School
need picture!

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Top Row L-R: Tom Heinonen, Brian Salani, Jeff Rouleau, Brien Ricci, Pat Rouleau, Roger Kyllonen.
Middle Row L-R: Ed Vizzini, Charles Anderson, Brian Berryman, Mike Brusorie, Mark Rule, Joe Houle, Doug Hembroff -Asst Coach, Paul Heinonen -Coach.
Seated L-R: John Healy, Steve Koski, Mark Grandelis, Russ Kyllonen, Steve Vial, Gary Usitalo, Boyd Paavola, Mark Manderfield.

Need season record: 

Hancock High School

Top Row L-R: John Norkol, Mark Grandelis, Boyd Paavola, Kevin Lassila, Joe Houle, Dave Kiiskila.
Middle Row L-R: Steve Lahti -Mgr, Jeff Rouleau, Mike Brusorio, Kevin Koski, Pat Rouleau, Brian Berryman, Tim Nakkula -Mgr, Coach Doug Hembroff, Coach Paul Heinonen.
Seated L-R: Steve Koski, Gino Gemignani, Andy Thompson, Mark Manderfield, Dan Rouleau, Mike Mitchell, Russ Kyllonen.

Season Record: 10 W, 8 L, 1 T

Hancock High School
League Champions

Top Row L-R: Kraig Koski, Mark Granelis, David Kiiskila, Steve Koski, Dan Rouleau.
Middle Row L-R: Coach Doug Hembroff, Kevin Story _Mgr, Scott Mikesch, Kevin Lassila, Jeff Rouleau, Mike Brusorio, Boyd Paavola, Eric Wisti -Mgr, Coach Paul Heinonen.
Seated L-R: Mark Thompson, Mike Aldrich, Dave Norkol, Gino Gemignani, Steve Vial, Russ Kyllonen, Gary Gaffney.

Season Record: 15 W, 6 L, 2 T
In the regionals, Hancock lost to Calumet 2-1 in overtime.

HCH MVP Russ Kyllonen

Hancock High School
HancHS1979-80s.jpg (71498 bytes)
Standing L-R: Coach Paul Heinonen, Scott Mikesch, Bob Pernaski, Randy Nuttall, Brian Fredianelli, Paul Alexander, Mike Brusorio, Tom Fenton, Andy Thompson, Mike Amato, Asst Coach Doug Hembroff.
Seated: Paul Heinonen Jr, Gerry Lucier, Gino Gemignani, Steve Vial, Mike Aldrich, Jeff Schaible, Dan Rouleau, Paul Klemett, Jeff Kroll, Dave Norkol, Peter Poggione, Dave Danis -Mgr.

HCH MVP Michael Brusario
Season Record: 12W -13 L
Beating Calumet 3 out of 4 league games and beating everyone at least once during the year. They lost to Houghton in an exciting playoff game 2-3 to end the season.




Hancock High School Hockey
Hancock High School
HancHS1980-81s.jpg (71345 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Dan Rouleau, Paul Alexander, Scott Mikesch, Tom Fenton, Chad Rowe, Paul Klemett, Coach Paul Heinonen.
Middle Row: Asst Coach Doug Hembroff, Pete Cybulski, Gino Gemignani, Dave Norkol, Mike Aldrich, Roger Klemet, Mark Palmer -Mgr.
Seated: Dave Danis -Mgr, Jay Olson, Craig Sporalski, Jeff Schaible, Jeff Kroll, Chuck Mitchell, Pete Polione, Paul Heinonen -Mgr.

HCH MVP Peter Poggione
Season Record:  7W- 10L 1T

Hancock High School
LSC Champions!
HancHS1981-82s.jpg (101898 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Roger Klemett, Chuck Mitchell, Frank Townsend, Jeff Gaffney, Chad Rowe, Chris Givens, Craig Sporalski, Jim Ciabattari, Peter Cybulski.
Middle Row: Mike Gemignani -Mgr, Gerry Parker -Asst Coach, Brian Sintkowski, Bob Hocking, Ray Ricci, ?, Coach Rick Miller, Mark Palmer -Mgr.
Seated: Jay Olson, Jeffrey Schaible, Tom Fenton, Dave Norkol -Capt., Scott Mikesch, Mike Aldrich, Jim Noetzel.

First year for Coach Rick Miller; Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
Christmas Tourney 2-1 Victory over Detroit Country Day at SDC; Freshman Jim Noetzel -Goalie - MVP.
In a game against Calumet, Hancock was ahead by 3 with 1.5 to play, Hancock won 11-10 in OT!!
Non-Conf "Wing-Ding" 4-3 loss to Houghton in front of 4,000 people at the SDC (UP Community Schools Winter Olympics in town and everyone was at the game.)
Won last 8 games of the season to tie Houghton for the Conf Championship with both having a 13-3 LSC season record.
Houghton beat Hancock 4-3 in Regional Champ game, Houghton went on to win the State Title.
Overall season record: 17-8-0.
LSC MVP, 1st Team Conf: Scott Mikesch.
HCH MVP, 1st Team Conf Dave Norkol
Hancock High School
State Regional Champs!
HancHS1982-83s.jpg (95086 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Scott Nicholas -Mgr, Ron Racine, Brent Johnson, Todd Curtis, Brian Townsend, Ray Ricci, Mark Palmer -Mgr.
Middle Row: Dave Danis -Mgr, Gerald Parker -Asst Coach, Brian Gedda, Evan Heuer, Brian Sintkowski, Chad Rowe, John Rodeheffer, Scott Stordahl, Mike Carlson, Tom Healy, Head Coach Rick Miller, Mike Hauswirth -Mgr.
Seated: Roger Klemett, Chris Givens, Craig Sporalski, Jim Noetzel, Chuck Mitchell, Bob Hocking, Pete Cybulski.

LSC Season Record: 10-6-0
Overall w/NC: 16-11 
LSC MVP: Chuck Mitchell
HCH MVP Chuck Mitchell

Hancock High School
State Regional Champs
Copper Island Classic Champs
Christmas Tournament Champs
HancHS1983-84s.jpg (89328 bytes)
Back row L-R: Brian Gedda, Mike Hauswirth, Scott Stordahl, Tom Pintar, Mike Carlson, Tom Healy, Jay Boxer.
Middle Row L-R: Jim Parker -Assit coach, Brent Johnson, Ron Racine, John Rodeheffer, Brian Townsend, Coach Rick Miller.
Seated L-R: Jim Noetzel, Ray Ricci, Chris Givens, Chad Rowe, Todd Curtis, Brian Sintkowski, Jeff Wiitala.

LSC Season Record: 6-9-1
Overall w/Scrim: 15-11-2
All State: Chris Givens & Chad Rowe.
All Conference: Brian Sintkowski
HCH MVP Chad Rowe
They lost to the State of Mich Champs (Soo) & defeated the State of Wisc Champs (Eagle River)

Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
"Jeffers are beating us 4-1 in Regional Champ game going into final period. A Jeffers fan comes into the locker room and yells "Hancock sucks" and a tussle ensues. The buzzer goes off to start the 3rd period and we come out with fire as Chad Rowe blasts 2 quick ones in from the point and we go on to nip the Jets 5-4."
They advanced to State Quarter Finals.

Hancock High School
Copper Island Classic Champs
(need a better picture)

Back Row L-R: Tim Curtis, Mike Hauswirth, Dave Grandelis, Ron Racine, Randy Houle, Mike Coon, Jay Boxer.
Middle Row L-R: David Edgar -mgr, Head Coach Rick Miller, Mikka Peltola, Brian Townsend, Brent Johnson, Tom Healy, Asst Coach Jim Parker, Terry Rocchi -mgr, Richard Holmes.
Seated L-R: Jon Houle, Scott Stordahl, Brian Gedda, Chris Givens, Hohn Rodeheffer, Mike Carlson, Jim Noetzel.

Names from picture in HS annual pictorial book: Back Row L-R: Rich Holmes -Mgr, Dave Edgar -Mgr, Coach Rick Miller, Tim Curtis, Mike Hauswirth, Dave Grandelis, Ron Racine, Randy Houle, Mike Coon, Jay Boxer, Jim Parker -Asst Coach, Terry Rocchi -Mgr.
Seated L-R:  Jon Houle, Mika Peltola, Scott Stordahl, Brian Townsend, Mike Carlson, Brian Gedda, Chris Givens, John Rodeheffer, Brent Johnson, Tom Healy, Jim Noetzel. 

LSC Season Record: 8-6-1
Overall w/Scrim: 12-11-1 
All State: Chris Givens 1st line.
All Conf: Chris Givens, Mike Carlson -3rd line, Brian Gedda 3rd line, All-State game.
Jim Noetzel -Air Force Academy Scholarship for Hockey.
HCH MVP Chris Givens

Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
"Houghton beats us 2-0 in Regional Champ game. We are heavily favored - Jeff "Boomer" Markham with 50+ saves for Houghton. We outshoot them in the 3rd 18-3 but can't score!"
Highlights: Chris Givens taking the LSC Conf record for career assists and Jay Boxer scoring 5 goals in one game, 4 were scored in one period! Brent Johnson was again recipient of the Hustle Award.

Hancock High School
HancHS1985-86_s.jpg (82881 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Scott Aldrich, Mark Boxer, Terry Brey, Robby Boyce, Brian Hauswirth, Tom Gedda.
Middle Row: David Montecillo -Mgr, Coach Jim Parker, Rod Paavola, Ed Silvala, Tim Curtis, Jason Salani, Andy Stansbury, Coach Rick Miller.
Seated: Craig Dyni, Mike Hauswirth, David Grandelis, Jon Houle, Ron Racine, Jay Boxer, Derek Norkol.

LSC Season Record: 5-7-0
Overall w/Scrim:11-15-1 
All State: Ron Racine
HCH MVP Dave Grandelis

Hancock High School
State Regional and U.P. Champs
State Runners-up
HancHS1986-87s.jpg (83602 bytes)
Back Row L-R: David Edgar -Mgr, D Mikesch, Jason Tuisku, Matt Farrell, Mark Boxer, Scott Aldrich, David Monticello.
Middle Row: Coach Rick Miller, Todd Gaspardo, Jason Salani, Rod Paavola, Terry Brey, Coach Jim Parker.
Seated: Craig Dyni, Robby Boyce, Jay Boxer, Mike Hauswirth, Tim Curtis, Tom Gedda, Jon Houle.

HancHS1986-87_s.jpg (89765 bytes)
(this picture was taken early in the 86-87 season) Back Row L-R: David Monticello -Mgr, Matt Farrell, Jason Tuisku, R Moilanen, Rod Paavola, Terry Rocchi, D Edgar -Mgr.
Middle Row: Coach Rick Miller, Scott Aldrich, Terry Brey, Jason Tuisku, Mark Boxer, Coach Jim Parker.
Seated: Derek Norkel, Robby Boyce, Andy Stansberry, Mike Hauswirth, Tim Curtis, Tom Gedda, Jon Houle.

LSC Season Record: 8-2-2
Overall w/Scrim: 18-8-3
All State: Craig Dyni; 
Mike Hauswirth, Jay Boxer, Tim Curtis made the All Conf, All State and National All-Stater tournament.
HCH MVP Mike Hauswirth
Rick Miller State Coach of the Year 

Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
"Quarter Final at the Soo - we win 4-3 in OT vs the Soo. Biggest crowd ever to watch a HS game at the Soo. First time ever that a Hancock team in any sport goes downstate. Fans screamed for us during warm-ups and never stopped for the entire game. Hauswirth, Boxer, Curtis were great. Todd Gaspardo -4 pipers, Craig Dyni emerged. Our most perfect game!"
They advanced to the State Finals, loosing to Cranbrook by 6-3.

Hancock High School
HancockHS1987-88_s.jpg (93895 bytes)
Top Row L-R: Pat Mikesch, Jim Letto, Gordy Kendall, Greg Givens, Mark Chegwidden, Mike Chegwidden, Dirk Hembroff.
Middle Row L-R: Coach Rick Miller, Timm Carlson, Bill Kriege, Terry Rocchi, Dave Mickesh, Coach Jim Parker.
Seated L-R: Derek Norkol, Jason Tuisku, Jason Salani, Rod Paavola, Matt Farrell, Scott Aldrich, Craig Dyni.

LSC Season Record: 8-6-0
Overall w/Scrim: 13-12
HCH MVP Derek Norkol
Hancock High School
LSC Champs - undefeated!
Copper Island Classic Champs
HancHS1988-89_s.jpg (103960 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Dirk Hembroff, Pat Mikesch, Chris Salani, Randy Heinonen. Jason Ricci, Jon Ahola.
Middle Row: David Mikesch, Timm Carlson, Greg Givens, Bill Kreige, Gordon Kendall.
Seated: Derek Norkel, Scott Aldrich, Jason Tuisku, Terry Rocchi, M Chegwidden, Rudy Gemignani. 
missing from photo:
Mike Chegwidden and Marc Boxer

need picture from school album that has all 19 of these players:

Top Row L-R: Pat Mikesch, Jason Ricci, Chris Salani, Randy Heinonen, Mike Chegwidden, Jon Ahola.
Middle Row L-R: Coach Rick Miller, Dave Mikesch, Timm Carlson, Bill Kriege, Greg Givens, Gordon Kendall, Marc Boxer, Dirk Hembroff, Coach Jim Parker.
Seated L-R: Derek Norkol, Scott Aldrich, Terry Rocchi, Jason Tuisku, Mark Chegwidden, Rudy Gemignani.

LSC Season Record: 12-0-0
Overall w/Scrim: 19-7-0 
All State: S Aldrich, M Boxer, J Tuisku.

LSC MVP: Marc Boxer.
HCH MVP Mark Boxer
Rick Miller LSC Coach of the Year 

1988-89 Seniors
HancHS1988-89Srs.jpg (77830 bytes)
L-R: Scott Redrich, Terry Rocchi, Mark Chegwidden, Jason Tuisku, Derek Norkol, David Mikesch, Gordy Kendall, Mark Boxer, Bill Kreige.

Copper Island Classic Champs
HancHS1988SrCoIslandChamps.jpg (105057 bytes)
L-R: Jason Tuisku, Scott Aldrich, Mark Chegwidden 1988-89.

Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
"12-0 record in LSC - First and only undefeated seasons in the league. A highlight [Miller] remembers is Pat Mikesch breakaway goal that he scored on his belly after being pulled down from behind at the Soo Lion's Tourney."

Hancock High School
need picture

Top Row L-R: Ron Sintkowski, Jon Ahola, Todd Steinmetz, Jeff Mikesch, Robbie Ruoho, Jeff Moilanen, Jay Storm. 
Middle Row: Coach Rick Miller, Jerry Bal, Chris Salani, Carl Beckwith, Josh Hannon, Asst Coach Jim Parker.
Seated L-R: Rudy Gemignani, Jason Ricci, Dirk Hembroff, Greg Givens, Timm Carlson, Randy Heinonen, Jason Parker.

LSC Season Record: 8-5-1
Overall w/Scrim: 18-8-1
Most memorable moment was capturing the Wing Ding Trophy as the basketball and hockey (defeated Houghton 2-1) teams both won to seal an HCH Wing Ding victory.
All State: T Carlson, G Givens.
LSC MVP: Rudy Gemignani.
HCH MVP Tim Carlson
Rick Miller LSC Coach of the Year 

Advanced to State Regional Finals.


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Hancock High School Hockey

need pictures for all these 1990s teams!

Hancock High School
HancHS1990-91s.jpg (88023 bytes)
Back row L-R: Kevin Sintkowski, Jay Storm, Rob Ruoho, Mike Hainault, Jeff Moilanen, Phil Kendall, Guy Hembroff.
Middle Row L-R: Jim Parker -Assit Coach, Jeff Mikesch, Carl Beckwith, Chris Salani, Josh Hannon, Coach Rick Miller.
Seated L-R: Jason Parker, Ron Sintkowski, Jerry Ball, Randy Heinonen, Jason Ricci, Jon Ahola, Matt Ricci.

LSC Season Record: 9-4-1
Overall w/Scrim: 19-8-1
Ranked second in the State Class BCD
All State: C Salini, P Mikesch.
HCH MVP Jeff Mikesch

Advanced to State Regional Finals.

Hancock High School
HancHS1991-92nbs.jpg (97452 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Pat Aldrich, Dan Sayen, Steve Mattile, Scott Houle, Jerrod Moilanen, Kevin Sintkowski.
Middle Row L-R: Coach Rick Miller, Mike Hainault, Andy Ricci, Josh Hannon, Paul Sintkowski, Jeff Moilanen, Erik Tauren, Asst Coach Jim Parker.
Seated L-R: Jason Parker, Robbie Ruoho, Carl Beckwith, Chris Salani, Jay Storm, Matt Ricci.

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LSC Season Record: 7-7-0
Overall w/Scrim: 16-11-1
Wing Ding Trophy Winners
All State: Carl Beckwith.

Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
"Carl Beckwith "runs" Calumet goalie Giachino -a brawl ensues. JJ Ahola gets the worst of it!"
Advanced to State Regional Finals.

Hancock High School
HancHS1992-93s.jpg (108943 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Kevin Sintkowski, Dave Olson, Henry Grudnoski, Randy Heinonen, Scott Storm, Dan Sayen, Patrick Aldrich.
Middle Row L-R: Scott Houle, David Hokenson, Peter Wickley, E.J. Salani, Andy Ricci, Mike Hainault, Justin Kangas, Phil Verville.
Seated L-R: Jason Moilanen, Jerrod Moilanen, Paul Sintkowski, Coach Rick Miller, Mike Tampas, Jeff Moilanen, Matt Ricci.

LSC Season Record: 4-10-0
Overall w/Scrim: 9-18-1
All State: Jason? Moilanen.

Advanced to State Regional Finals & fell to Calumet, the eventual State Champs.

Hancock High School
State Regional Champs
HancHS1993-94s.jpg (85380 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Coach Rick Miller, Mike Juoppuri, Dave Olson, Brandon Ollanketo, Scott Storm, Justin Kangas, Packi Aldrich -Mgr, Michele Asiala, Coach Horsch.
Middle Row: Henry Grudnoski, Phil Verville, Rusty Pietila, Andy Ricci, Eric Salani, Peter Wickley, Scott Houle, Dan Sayen.
Seated L-R: Nick Mayra -Mgr, Kevin Sintkowski, Steve Mattila, Paul Sintkowski, Jason Moilanen, Mike Hainault, Dave Hokenson, Randy Heinonen, Jon Wenc -Mgr.

LSC Season Record: 8-4-2
Overall w/Scrim: 16-10-2 
Kevin Sintkowski -All State Hon Mention.
Paul Sintkowski -All State Hon Mention and All Conf.
Scott Houle All State Hon Mention & All Conf.
Jason Moilanen All State & All Conf.
Mike Hainault All State & All Conf.

Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
"Paul Sintkowski hat-trick vs Calumet in Regional Champ game to get us to the IMA in Flint for the 2nd time with this 4-1 victory. Paulie was only with us the 2nd semester. Kevin Sintkowski's forechecking is still the most intense I've had."
Advanced to State Regional Semi-Finals, loosing to Allen Park Cabrini 4-1.

MillerBrosCoach1994 s.jpg (198283 bytes)
Miller brothers Coach Hancock/Houghton Teams
Hancock High School
Copper Island Classic Champs
HancHS1994-95s.jpg (95273 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Jon Wenc -Mgr, Jeff Nutini, Richi Storm, Jeff Mayra, Bryan Howard, Dan Juopperi, Nick Mayra -Mgr.
Middle Row: Brandon Ollanketo, Scott Zischke, Pete Wickley, E.J. Salani, Justin Kangas, Dave Olson.
Seated L-R: Mike Juopperi, Scott Storm, Scott Houle, Coach Rick Miller, Andy Ricci, Packi Aldrich, David Butke.

LSC Season Record: 9-5-0
Overall w/Scrim: 17-9-1
All State: Andy Ricci.

Hancock High School
HancHS1995-96s.jpg (90450 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Gerad Ekdahl, Joey Stromer, Paul Dube, Coach Rick Miller, Dan Rouleau, Matt Ruoho, John Ylitalo.
Middle Row:  Matt Freeman, Jamie Sintkowski, Jeremy Hannon, Matt Kumlin, Braden Tapani, Bryan Howard, Dan Juopperi, Jeff Nutini
Seated:  Aaron Savela, Rich Storm, Brandon Ollanketo, Mike Juopperi, Eric Salani, Jeff Mayra, David Butke

LSC Season Record: 3-9-2
Overall w/Scrim: 4-20-3

Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
"Last season vs Lake Linden. They have their best team ever. We tie and win to have never been beaten by them in 16 years."

Hancock High School
HancHS1996-97s.jpg (105307 bytes)
Back Row L-R: John Ylitalo, Andy Stone, Matt Ruoho, Joey Stromer, Brian Juopperi, Gerad Ekdahl, Jon Baakko, Christopher Mitchell
Middle Row L-R: Jamie Sintkowski, Jeremy Hannon, Paul Dube, Rich Miller, Dan Rouleau, Brian Howard, Matt Kumlin
Seated L-R: Mario Paoli, Dennis Juopperi, Rich Storm, Jeff Mayra, Braden Tapani, Mark Butke

LSC Season Record: 5-9-0
Overall w/Scrim: 13-14-1
All State: R Storm.

Advanced to State Regional Finals.

Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
"Possibly my most enjoyable year! Over achievers and "Giant Killers." We defeat Marquette, Houghton, Birmingham Bro. Rice, Traverse City and Trenton, snapping their 34 game winning streak. These are all big Class "A" schools. Mario Paoli emerges! Last of the Storms, as Richie graduates!
4-3 OT loss to heavily favored Houghton in the Regional Champ game. They score to tie the game with 1:17 left in the fame to tied - we're running a perfect lock vs them. Richie Storm's breakaway in OT fails vs Ron Wiitanen and they return rush for the game winner. Dan Juopperi finishes a great career with 2 goals and an assist."

Hancock High School
HancHS1997-98s.jpg (89430 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Brad Howard, Gerad Ekdahl, Jon Baakko, Mike Uren, Mark Rouleau, Justin Bean, Mark Nutini
Middle Row L-R: Christopher Mitchell, Matt Kumlin, Dan Rouleau, Rick Miller, Corey Markham, Paul Dube, Brian Juopperi, John Ylitalo
Seated L-R: Mario Paoli, Andy Stone, Ollie Salminen, Brian Howard, Jeremy Hannon, Joe Stromer, Aaron Savela

LSC Season Record: 5-8-1
Overall w/Scrim: 10-14-2 
All State: Brian Howard, Ollie Salminen.


Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
"Brian Howard, Jeremy Hannon & Ollie Salminen (Finnish transfer from Turku/Raisio) played their hearts out. A split on the team did not get us anywhere. Howard goes out with skate blade laceration just before regionals."


1998-99 Hancock High School
 State Champions!
Hancock State Champs1998-99team.jpg (68962 bytes)

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Top Row L to Rt: Kris Tapani (Mgr.), Pete Rouleau, Brad Anderson, Mike Hannon, Travis Jaakkola, Kyle Kirkish and Mike Greer (Mgr.)
Middle Row: Asst. Coach Paul Dube, Blake Miller (Mgr.), Asst. Coach Dan Rouleau, Ryan Saatio, Nanue Houle, Mike Uren, Billy Reynolds, Marc Nutini, Brad Howard, Head Coach Rick Miller, Asst. Coach Scott Mikesch and Trainer Sue Blackstad 
Seated L-R: Karl Maki, Mark Rouleau, Justin Bean, Gerad Ekdahl, Matt Kumlin (Captain), Brian Juopperi,  Johnathon Baakko, John Ylitalo, Jarko Ohtonen 
LSC Season Record: 7-5-0
Overall w/Scrim:16-13-1
All State:  M Kumlin & B Juopperi. 
Rick Miller State Coach of the Year 
Click here to read the Bulldogs Road to State Champs news story

HancHS1999_StChamps_s.jpg (102352 bytes)

Top row L-R: Kris Tapini (MGR), Pete Rouleau, A.J. Beaudoin, Mike Hannon, Brad Anderson, Kyle Kirkish, Mike Greer (MGR)
Middle row: Dan Rouleau (Ast. Coach), Ryan Saatio, Mike Uren, Nannue Houle, Billy Reynolds, Marc Nutini, Brad Howard, Rick Miller (Coach)
Seated L-R: Carl Maki, Mark Rouleau, Jared Ekdahl, Justin Bean (A. capt.), Matt Kumlin (capt.), Brian Juopperi (A. capt.), Johnathon Baakko, Johnny Ylitalo, Jarko Ohtonen

Car License Plate 1999 State Champs!
Hancock High School
State Runners-up, LSC Champs,
Copper Island Classic Champs

Back Row L-R: A.J Beaudoin, Pete Rouleau, Brad Anderson, Jamie Heinonen, Mike Hannon, Greg Stonelake, Kyle Kirkish, Bronson Kendzierski.
Middle Row L-R: Jeff Baril, Nanue Houle, Assit. Coach Dan Rouleau, Coach Rick Miller, Goalie Coach Paul Dube, Lassi Katavisto, Mike Uren.
Seated L-R: Blake Miller -mgr, Karl Maki -goalie, Bill Reynolds, Brad Howard, Marc Nutini, Ryan Saatio, Erik Nettell -goalie, ?? -mgr.

LSC Season Record: 11-1-0
Overall w/Scrim:  22-7-1
MHSAA State Finalists
L.S.C. Champions (11-1) 
Hayward Tourney Champs!
Regional Champs!
All State: Marc Nutini, L Katavisto, B Howard, K Maki. 
Rick Miller LSC Coach of the Year 
Quotes by Coach Rick Miller:
"Pete Rouleau - LSC MVP.
Marc Nutini, Brad Howard, Jeff Baril (1st yr co-op w/Lake Linden) & Brad Anderson produce the most offensive firepower we have ever had. 8.08 goals/game average in the LSC. 40% on the PP! Lassi Katavisto (Finnish transfer from Helsinki) is one of the best D-men we have had. Karl Maki pulls off his magic again in the State Tourney -3 straight shutouts en route to the Finals. Lots of adversity, sticks/equipment stolen off the bus in Flint -- 15 of 17 return!"
They advanced to the State Finals, loosing to Cranbrook by 4-2.
Hancock High School Hockey


Hancock High School
Back Row L-R: Bronson Kendzierski, Todd Heinonen, Blake Miller, Craig Hannula, Mike Hannon, Travis Perala, Mike Greer.
Middle Row L-R: Asst. Coach Jason Erva, Asst. Coach Dan Rouleau, Kyle Kirkish, Brad Anderson, Jamie Heinonen, Bill Reynolds, Ryan Saatio, A.J. Beaudoin, Coach Rick Miller, & Asst. Coach Kurt Maki.
Seated L-R: Manager Ross Rouleau, Karl Maki, Mike Uren, Jeff Baril, Brad Howard, Pete Rouleau, Nanue Houle, Erik Nettell, Ryan Shanahan -Mgr.

Season Record: 23-3-1
L.S.C. Champions (11-1) - 2nd Consecutive LSC Title 
Holiday Hockey Classic Champs!
Traverse City Tourney Champs!
Michigan Classic Champs!
Soo Tourney Champs!
LSC MVP: Pete Rouleau.
Rick Miller LSC Coach of the Year 

Hancock High School
HancHS2001-02s.jpg (78721 bytes)
Back Row L-R: Manager Ryan Shanahan, Garrettt Voldarski, Adam Kinnunen, Per Forsman, David Ruonavaara, Chris Hendrickson, Tony Bilich, & Manager Owen Miller
Middle Row L-R: Asst. Coach Kurt Maki, Coach Rick Miller, Blake Miller, Timmy Viola, Marcus Hille, Jan Taube, Ed Manninen, Asst.Coach Dan Rouleau, & Asst. Coach Jason Erva.
Seated L-R: Karl Maki, Bronson Kendzierski, Jamie Heinonen, Brad Anderson, Pete Rouleau, Kyle Kirkish, Travis Perala, Erik Nettell.

Season Record: 21-3-1
L.S.C. Conference Champs (12-0) 
 3rd Consecutive LSC Title 
LSC MVP: Pete Rouleau for the 3rd year in a row.
LSC 1st team: Jamie Heinonen, Jan Taube.
All State: Pete Rouleau (Dream team), Ed Manninen, Jamie Heinonen, Karl Maki.

Rick Miller LSC Coach of the Year 

Hancock High School
HancockHS2002-03nb.jpg (139173 bytes)

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Top Row L-R: Ross Rouleau, Garret Voldarski, Lucas Hodges, Mike Hagenbuch, Mike Beaudoin, Dominic Fredianelli, Ryan Shanahan -Mgr.
Middle Row L-R: Dan Rouleau -Asst Coach, Head Coach Rick Miller, Pete Radecki, Jim Brey, Adam Kinnunen, Pete Witting, Zak Hope, Mike Asiala, Matt Manninen, Carl Heinonen, Goalie Coaches: Karl and Kurt Maki.
Seated L-R: Ian Berryman, Tony Bilich -Alt Capt, Blake Miller -Alt Capt, Erik Nettell, Jamie Heinonen -Capt, Tim Viola, Barry Kilpela.
Season Record: 22-3-0
#1 Ranked D3 Team in the State of Michigan (22-3)
L.S.C. Champions (12-0) - 4th Consecutive LSC Title!
MacInnes Holiday Hockey Classic Champs!
School Record: Most wins in reg. season (22) 
School Record:  Most consecutive wins (14)
LSC MVP: Tony Bilich.
LSC 1st Team: Tony Bilich, Erik Nettell, Jamie Heinonen.
Rick Miller LSC Coach of the Year 
Photo courtesy of HCS
Hancock High School
HancockHS2003-04nb.jpg (161713 bytes)

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Back Row L-R: Ross Rouleau, Shaun Olson, Kyle Pilhaja (taxi),
Dominic Fredianelli, Kyle Saatio, Joe Bianucci, Dustin Mitchell.
Middle Row L-R: Coach Rick Miller, Asst Coach Dan Rouleau, Lucas Hodges, Josh Vehring, Jim Brey, Mike Asiala, Pete Radecki, Mike Hagenbuch, Jason LeGault -Mgr, Karl Maki -goalie coach.
Seated L-R: Ian Berryman, Pete Witting, Adam Kinnunen, Garret Voldarski, Mike Beaudoin, Matt Manninen, Barry Kilpela.

Season Record: 9-14-1 Overall
LSC: 5-5

Last year Rich Miller Coach HCH.

Photo courtesy of HCS

Hancock High School
need picture!

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First year Dan Rouleau Head coach!

Hancock High School
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Hancock High School
need picture!

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Hancock High School
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Hancock High School
Lake Superior Conference Champs!
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Players from program:
Josh Hendrickson -goal, Alex Voldarski, Dylan Peterson, Mitchell Peterson, Brady Bekkala, Tyler Hauswirth, Alrx Heinonen, Zach Hill, Tanner Kero, Cody Sivonen, Scott Kalinec, Reece Anderson, Trevor Givens, Taylor Auguston, C.J. Paoli, Max Adolphs, Devin Kero -goal.
Dan Rouleau-coach, Dan Juopperi Asst coach, Erik Nettell -Asst coach.
managers: Ben Fredianelli, Bob Harry, Jared Monticello, Vince Morin.

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regular Season Record: 21-3-0
LSC Coach of the Year was Dan Rouleau
LSC MVP Tanner Kero with 36 goals
LCS 1st Team: Reece Anderson
LSC 2nd Team: Scott Kalinec, Max Adolphs
Honorable Mention: goaltender Josh Hendrickson
D3 All State First Team: Tanner Kero (38 goals -31 assists), Scott Kalinec (6-14)
D3 All State Second Team: Max Adolphs (36-18), Mitchell Peterson (13-31), Reece Anderson (5-23).

Hancock HS Awards

wall in HoCo
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HCH Trophy Case

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