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One Year Old
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Two Years Old
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Three Years Old
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Four Years Old
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Five Years Old
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Five 1/2 Years Old
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Jason J.

Jason J, Nathan E, Cole S.

Queen Lauren H - & King Jason J.

Jason J. & - Lauren H.

Jason J. & - Lauren H.

Back Row L-R: Cole S, -girl-1, King Jason J, Jeremy V, Alex K, Shawn D, Martin H, Prince Josh N.
Front L-R: Nate E, girl2, Jourdan W, Queen Lauren H, girl3, Lindsey U, Tina E, Teija K.

Jason and Bulldog

King & Queen

Lauren H & Jason J

Jason J. & Pete R.
show their Power Point to the school.

Jason J. & Pete R. Power Point of
Copper Bowl Week 2004
Friday night

Michael M, Alek R, Pete R, Chris W, Geof C, Kelly N, Jason J.

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