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Welcome to our web page! In the beginning.... skates made of wood were first used by hunters about 200 A.D.  Later in Finland, hunters used skates made from the leg bones of deer.  Early bone runners were later replaced by iron and then steel.....  

1880's There was a local roller polo league with teams from Houghton, Calumet, Marquette, Ishpeming, Negaunee, and Escanaba. Somewhat like hockey; a rubber ball was used, the sticks were small, almost like walking canes, and the action could be wild! The ball was put in play in the center of the rink and both teams rushed for it, "resulting in a high action game". Their roller skates were not the in-lines many use to play hockey today; they had four wheels per foot; two wheels by toes and two wheels by heels. 

Local "Casino" Roller Polo Team
RollerBallMarqTeam1890s s.jpg (71267 bytes)

1884-85 Houghton's Roller Polo team was Champion of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Top Row Lt to Rt: Louis Krellwitz, Robert J. Haas, John Schults.
Seated Lt to Rt: Martin Hoar, Harry J. Major, Joseph Sewell, Pat Sauce.
Photo courtesy of Houghton County Museum

1884-85 Houghton U.P. Champ Polo Team
1884-85HoughtonUPchampPoloTeam_s.jpg (94834 bytes)


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